• No, I dont eat when I am not hungry.
  • depends if they have a ton of it then no because if they are little they will not be able to eat it all but if it is very little servings then yes probably and if they dont just dont let them eat anything else that night
  • sure, if you want them to be fatties and stuff their faces and eat when they don't want to.
  • No they shouldn't my mother used to do that with me,no wonder i was a fat child:-)
  • No. It promotes over-eating and obesity. Children should eat until they are full. Most people do not understand what a serving size actually is, and over-feed their children.
  • no way that's why america is so fat
  • Not if there's too much. Kids also change their tastes a lot. They could LOVE greenbeans one day & loathe them the next. Until a kid is like 5, if they suddenly decide they don't want something you're supposed to offer them more of what they do like on their plate. Good question.
  • that's a good practice and its good to teach them do that...that's why its always good to ask them how much food they want in that way there would be no waste...finishing your food is 1 way of saving...
  • Heck no, and children made to do this should not clear their plates if they don't want to.
  • Depends on who you ask. It can teach responsibility, but it is probably not nessary and it should be up to the parents and their personal beliefs.
  • Yes, but not necessarily by eating all of the food. They can clear it into the garbage if they're full, as far as I'm concerned, but no dessert and no late night snacks then.
  • Depends. Kids should be eating enough of the proper foods to help in their delevopment and keep them healthy. Meal time should not be a fight though, and there is the risk kids will become more and more reluctant to eat the more they are pushed. They should be involved in meal preparation and planning whenever possible. This will help them feel invoved and like their input is important. When portions are too big, kids should never be forced to eat everything. Large portions are a major factor in obesity.
  • They should have a few bites of each item, but no. If they complain they are full, they should NOT be required to empty their plates. Ask almost every heavy person in the US (and elsewhere?) and they'll tell you they heard the "starving children in ..." a million times growing up.
  • I don't make them....I do insist they try a bite of everything, pushing the veggies and fruits. If they aren't hungry, that's fine. The only thing is then they want to snack on junk before bed. I don't allow that either. If they want to reheat something a little later, fine.
  • yes, clear the plates into the garbage can and wipe them clean with a paper towel. it helps the person washing the dishes. or the dishwasher for that matter.
  • depends on who took the serving , if a parent put the food on the plate , no. if the kid took it , yes.
  • Only if you want fat kids ( I assume you mean eating all of their food). My parent did not do that to me and I am still about average weight. My friend who's parents made the clean their plate were over weight before highschool.
  • With toddlers, I wish! Sometimes, they eat like birds! and you have to ensure they get their veggies, protein and fibre. Otherwise, with older children, I'd say, make just enough to provide sensible portions vs large portions.
  • Why do you think children are overweight over eating just say eat it tomorrow & no dessert
  • No. I never had such a rule. I did however insist not to serve yourself more than you thought you could eat.

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