• About as good as women are at reading traffic signals, Keithold. +5
  • Not very good, which is why women get frustrated when we can't read their minds.
  • I'm not very good. Its any wonder I ever got laid. Short of Holding your dress over your head and waving me in, I miss all the signals.
  • on a scale of 1 - 1,000,000 (1 million being excellent) probably somewhere in the mid 20's..
  • Not at all good. You have to say it like it is to men, spell it out in no uncertain terms.
  • It has been my expeience with men, that unless you print it out in big bold letters word for word in exact detail, it will fly over their head at the speed of light. They wouldnt even know it was there. And then they wont know why you are mad and not speaking to them and while we cry to our friends about their insensitivities, they will share a beer with their friends and accuse us of being crazy.
  • I'd say that MOST are not very good at it at all. Some read them wrong, some read more into them than was given, some are just oblivious. ;-)
  • Women seem to not understand why we don't understand the secret language they made up among themselves. They shouldn't get angry at us because they can't communicate well.
  • depends on IF they want to receive it. If you drop a subtle hint that you want sex, they wont miss it for a second. If you drop a subtle hint that you want to become exclsusive they either wont catch it or they will pretned to not catch it (not sure which it is) I think they pic up on more than they admit to, but if you havent specifically laid a law in stone, then they cant be accused of breaing it.
  • On average, men are not as adept as women at reading facial/body language. Furthermore, conditions such as autism or Aspberger syndrome, where a person's ability to read such cues fails completely, are more common in men than women. This does NOT mean that all men are inept, or that all women are experts, but those are the general tendencies.
  • Better than a few years ago. It used to be that we needed to be hit in the foreheads with 2X4s but nowadays a simple 1X2 will suffice.
  • Not good at all. Put it big enough to be read from space.
  • Some men are quite good at it. i am not good at it. And I prefer direct communication in most areas so that there is no mistake. I do know that many people find subtlety romantic, sexy, and part of the dating/relationship ritual. Which means I have to accept that it is that much harder for me because of my own preferences.
  • They are about as perceptive as the average tree trunk. [Only joking!!!]
  • Hahaha, you have to spell it out for them, not good at all.
  • Lets just say your odds are better if you are like Wilma Flinstone. Most are like Fred, not Barney.
  • We're no good at it at all! That's the exact reason that women's use of "subtle signals" makes no sense whatsoever. If you want a man to know something, say it. Not "almost it", "nearly it", "beating around the bush about it", "the way my sister or girlfriend understands it" or "the roundabout way I wish he would see it". Some women accuse men of being inherently dishonest, yet the same women seem to be unable to simply come out and say what they mean, mean what they say.
  • I can only speak for myself and I suck at picking up subtle signals. +4
  • Most men are TERRIBLE at picking up subtle signals, or at taking hints, especially those that would lead them to believe a woman didn't want them.
  • I am, but then someone can gives hints/signals and then turn it all around. Its hard to truly know if it is a real signal.
  • What the hell are you talking about?! : )

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