• Watch TV more. Much easier. I read a book if interesting.
  • I would rather read a book. I almost never watch TV.
  • read a book
  • Depends on the story!
  • When I happen upon a really good book, I can't wait to read the next paragraph. Most of the time, I will watch a movie of my choice, or independent You Tube news stations.
  • Neither. I prefer to explore the internet & Darknet. If I ever get bored (seldom), I'll stream a movie or TV show. I'll buy a used book off the online sites maybe twice a year, and maybe read a pdf copy about as often.
  • I share the opinion of others here. If it's a really good book, nothing can beat it. Next on my list would be a really good movie, and then a really good show. And I'd rather watch a really bad movie than watch a mediocre show or read a mediocre book.
  • I don't watch tv. Except when I'm at a medical appointment or at a friend's house who is watching it. I do watch movies and shows online. I read some, but most books don't interest me. I read online as well, usually stuff I just look up out of curiosity. I get distracted a lot. I have 25 windows open right now and almost always have more than 10. I would rather read a book online than hold a book, especially if its heavy. And while I was reading Midnight Sun I had Twilight open and went back and forth to see what she was thinking at the time. That's much more difficult with books.
  • read a good book without any doubt.
  • if its a real good exciting book but i dont read much now days ......prefer Tv :) especially Movies ,cause ya see the characters in a movie and hear them talk etc etc etc
  • I'd rather read books
  • Reading books is more interesting. I don't find much interest in watching TV, except for the PBS channel that has good history documentaries and the Hillsong channel.

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