• Jealousy
  • I've had some great working relationships with other women .... my female supervisors were always the best too! I've seen some conflict between women at work, but the men have also had their share of problems with each other too. I'm not sure where you're getting your information ...
  • Yep, lonely's right - jealousy. I agree.
  • Just as many love on each other.
  • Ah, such a common problem in the workplace: Catty, jealous women who hate on other women. The classic victim of such bullying and hate is usually a beautiful woman, but younger and more educated women in the workplace also tend to be treated poorly by other women. What is comes down to, is that people aren't self-aware of themselves enough to realize that they're acting like tribal apes. That said, a jealous female will single out another female who makes them feel threatened. They will talk nasty behind her back, spread lies about her, complain about her to her boss, etc. Through their own jealousy, they make the victim's life hell, but aren't aware of how badly they are presenting themselves, as managament and others will notice. The saddest part is that so many women in the workplace toot their "girl power" and "women's right's" horn, yet through their cattiness and jealously, they tend to be the most misogynistic of all. The hatred of other women that some women exhibit in the workplace is the reason why men rule the world, and are taken more seriously professionally.
  • Some women treat the workplace like a social club and this is where the drama begins. They bring their private world to work, and then, try to fit people into it according to their standards. If someone is smarter, prettier, has anything they think is better than theirs, then automatically that person will be their target of destruction. The work itself has very little to do with why some women can't get along with other women.
  • It is definitely alive and well. I am the target, because I do my work and try to stay to myself. I am single, and obviously need to support myself, but the married are often the worse towards me. I often see resentment on their having to be in the workforce. Or, they think they can boss their coworkers like they must do at home. The biggest mistake, women make is talking about their personal lives at work. I learned this the hard way. It doesn't matter if it just simple chat. Bullies, look to use any gossip and turn it around. Especially, when you work hard and make them look bad. Also, I do give credit to men for the way they get along. They keep the chat superficial and don't get so involved or wounded by comments. They don't take every statement to heart. They have give and take. This is the biggest difference between the sexes, in that, sensitivity levels work for men in the workplace and not in relationships so much. Whereas, women are too sensitive in the workplace. I think much of women's dilemma is from trying to be involved in everything as if every issue was a child. ***
  • What is 'hate on'? I see it a lot. What is it? How is it different from 'hate'? I am afraid to answer because I'm not sure of the term. I don't want to look dumb. Okay, asking this makes me look dumb, but I don't want to answer in case I hurt feelings or something, either.
  • Don't know about how many but I can tell you who they are: they are women who believe the silly unreflecting stereotype found in your question. Self-fulfilling prophecy, my friend:)
  • Probably ...jealousy...
  • jealousy I suppose. I've worked in situations that were almost all male and others that were almost all female. Men will have words and argue and tomorrow all is forgotten. Women are much more likely to hold grudges long term.
  • There's always one. No matter where they work. At least that's what I've learned over the years with my wife as she has had a few different employers. I get to hear about it at the end of her work day. I don't believe jealousy really plays a part in her case although I'm sure it can in some. But what I do know is that some personalities just clash, and some people have a harder time than others to have a live and let live attitude. This is true for men in the workplace also.
  • because they're from all different "cliques" if you will if they didn't have to work together, they would never talk to eachother
  • For the same reason men do, competition.
  • Maybe because it is harder to fool a woman.
  • I am a female myself. Females are very competetive, not all but most. Especially the materialistic, conceited ones. The ones who thinks that having clothes, money and cars defines characteristics. Instead of trying to acheive something together most females would rather compete. Most females are often afraid to show their feelings towards another females(like, who gives a shit? were all human right?)which causes them to hold grudges. Woman are very complicated and hard to get along with. Most females would only wanna hang out with and be kind to people who share the same interest as them. Where men can hold a normal conversation without turning their noses up at another man. But most females wanna be top notch at all times and thats where they get the game messed up.
  • It's NOT just in the "workforce"!
  • Women are catty. It's in our nature.
  • I dont think its just women. Work puts pressure on people for performance and alot of other things. In that environment, its easy to find fault with people..

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