• Japnese +5
  • you would think JAPANESE ,as translators you would be highly payed ,but the other counties the opportunity would also exist any language you you learn will always be a help if you want to move on in your career.
  • Im guessing here at Japanese.
  • heyy!! well i'd say chinese wud giv u tha most but i know japanese and my teacher says it can get u a long way in technology. not to sure bout korean tho....
  • chinese could potentially help you a lot in international business if your interests lie there...japanese is also good...I don't know about korean. My advice is choose the language you like best because you will be motivated to speak it and learn it more and I'm sure you could use any of these.
  • If you learn Chinese you can go into business, the problem is it's a pretty hard language to learn. I'd go with Japanese, I'm learning it right now and it's not as hard as it seems, I don't know anything about Korean though

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