• I don't live in a state. But the best thing about where I live is my gorgeous boyfriend Paul.
  • the state of SOUTH AUSTRALIA,makes some of the finest wine and it is sold all over the world ,home of the wine industry.
  • My family and certainly not their lousy out dated educational system.
  • Ummm, Ummm, nope I got nothing. :( Now ask me what I don't like.
  • The weather...the beautiful coastline...the abundance of tropical fruit...and the easy going friendly nature of it's people...
  • Cheap items. One of them, You can change your phone number for only $2
  • ... the fact that Quebec is a Canadian province, and not a state ...
  • Not one "f"in thing. Well upstate is one of the most beautiful places in the world in the summertime. If you feel like being Taxed to death. Otherwise I hate everything about this state.
  • Gorgeous scenery enhanced by four seasons.
  • the beaches and the islands
  • I like the 4 seasons.
  • the not so much tornadoes around here.
  • The people
  • taxes on food, taxes on meds, taxes on taxes on phones, taxes on property, road taxes, car taxes, any shit you own tax, even the shit you never want to claim tax (water and sewage),ciggarette tax, and of course the state tax that is suppose to take care of all that but doesn't so you must pay it yourself. Oh, and lets not forget to pay higher taxes everytime someone builds a business, so in essence you are paying a business tax twice. Through you property and everytime you buy something from that business. Well actually at minimum you pay 2 taxes for every service the state provides whether you use it or not because you pay state tax. And lets not forget that our schools also get state help, and federal aide and yet the lottery never seems to help them out and they pimp the children out to sell expensive trash to collect money, hold events for extra cash and collect money from businesses who add an extra tax or collection for the schools, and yet they still fire teachers every year instead of the yahoos who run the whole thing and suck at proper management and probably each earn 5 times a teacher salary and have half the education. And cops who give tickets out like its candy and then ask for donations for the police and even if its a cheap ticket they charge 3 times for the court whether you decide to pay the ticket and forgo court. Which a lot of people today can't afford to miss a whole day off to sit and have some jerk tell you to pay the ticket anyway. Sorry Munchkin but you asked. LOL Well I got to go and update by inspection ticket that is 2 weeks overdue. Jerks!
  • Slow paced life.
  • No sales tax. Mild weather. No hurricanes. College coeds.

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