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  • i'd ignore him when listening
  • Wait for a chance to do the same to him.+5
  • that depends on how they ignore you. If you are talking one on one and they just turn and start to tune you out and being very obvious then just blatenly stop talking it will make them also feel akward. you can try to just as quickly start ignoring them in the same way they are avoiding you.
  • Homicide comes to mind.
  • Just walk away.. There lose.. and I had some good stuff to tell them too!
  • I guess Id think they didnt want to hear me and Id Shut the Heck up.
  • Nothing, I would never catch them because I don't have an attention span that i'm aware of. ;+
  • I would shout out "Are you listening to me?" if they ignore that, then I'll stop talking and turn my back against them slowly... then eventually walk away.
  • Stop talking
  • Find someone better to talk to.
  • Stop talking to them, like permanently.
  • keep talking, when they notice act like you didn't notice they didn't notice, and let the guilt get them
  • i ignore them too , and act like it never happend .
  • Be pissed. And say something about it. My ex did that all the time. If they keep doing it I would hand them a book I have, "Are You Really Listening"
  • I usually don't talk to them for some time when it happens
  • It really depends on the circumstances. Did you walk up on them in a hallway, say "HI" and get the cold shoulder? Maybe they've had a bad day, maybe they are distracted? I would have the confidence to move on and not be offended. If it happened repeatedly, I would just find someone else to greet. Confidently. Scenario two: It's been a long day at work, and the season finale of your favorite show is on. You have already visited, and shared the days stories over dinner. And now, someone is running their mouth like their feet were on fire and their a$$ was catching, right as the answer to the season's mystery is being whispered into the ear of the hero. For Christ's sake... A whole dedicated season, unanswered and ruined, because someone felt they needed to give me a dissertation on the new brand of chewing gum that lasts all frickin' day. Damn... I'm getting aggravated just typing this. Scenario 3 It's a warm spring morning. I'm on the back deck by myself, sipping hot coffee and listening to the birds sing, and it is so peaceful and quiet. I am heading into a busy day of angry phone calls, constant conversation for the next 10 hours. the patio door slides open. Unless I hear "I love you", "It's so peaceful and beautiful out here"... And then silence. I'm going to be aggravated and ignore you. It should be taken as a hint that I just need a few moments of blissful silence. Talking is overrated at times. Some people flap their lips just to hear themselves talk and think that everybody wants to be chatty Kathy. When you ignore them, they get offended. Sometimes rightfully so, and sometimes not. Before one gets upset about being ignored, they need to make sure they are not ear-raping the person who is ignoring them. The person could just be seeking peace, and their silence is not a reflection of how they feel about you.
  • I don't start talking to someone until I have thier full attention. And when they ask me to repeat what was said, I say "oh !it must not be important...I forgot," and walk away.
  • Get naked
  • i'm sorry ,,,, did you say something ?
  • snap my fingers and say "excuse me excuse me" hehe Honestly I would probably ask then why they are not listening, or I would bluntly tell them that they are acting rude.
  • Go eat all their food.
  • after every sentence say their name.

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