• Mad and egotistical.
  • A dead one.
  • He became increasingly disturbed and started to make major blunders near the end of his rule.He did not trust anyone,even the ones highest in command.It was noted that he had escaped to Argentina ,before the end of the war,and never was found.
  • Hitler was a good leader. Not everyone picks up on this because they have only heard one side of the story - the side that supports Judaism which, naturally, would be nothing but hate propaganda. Hitler never wanted war - he wanted to live in peace with the rest of the world. The problems started at the end of WW1 when German Zionist leaders fled the country for America and then made a deal with Britain to pull the United States into the war in exchange for Palestine after Britain won (this promise was fulfilled and documented as the Balfour Declaration). The now-Americanized Zionists then used their influence with labor unions to cause problems within the trade unions in Germany, resulting in Germany losing the war. This was the "stab-in-the-back" that Hitler often referred to. After Germany signed the Versailles Treaty which forced them to take the blame for the war and handed down devastating reparations, Germany became little more than a puppet state that erupted in revolutions that leaned either in favor of Democracy or Communism. The Zionists took advantage of the situation and took over government leadership and the economy - it was they who bankrupted Germany in the 1920s, and they were on their way to a 2nd bankruptcy in the Great Depression had Hitler not taken over and pulled Germany out of it. Hitler wanted nothing more than to save Germany - to see the terms of the Versailles Treaty repealed and Germany regain its sovereignty as a German state. But Zionism had different plans. Once Hitler took over and removed them from their positions of power, they declared war on Germany (Mar 24, 1933) just 53 days after Hitler was appointed Chancellor. It was the Zionists' influence and the Great Depression that brought America into the war (Since around 1935, FDR had been stirring up conflicts between Poland and Germany in order to set the stage for war). Britain made promises to Poland to assist them in the event they were attacked but did nothing to help them when it happened. They had no intention to - they just wanted to give Poland a false reassurance of assistance so that Poland would provoke Germany into attacking, thereby giving Britain justification to declare war on behalf of the allies. Again, Hitler never wanted war - he was dragged into it. He wanted nothing more than to regain Germany's respect in the eyes of the world and give the German people their country back. ¶ This isn't the way it's told in the history books. The only story most people know is the allied biased version. People readily accept it because what they've always believed is more important than the truth.
  • Hitler believed that the Aryan race to which all true Germans belonged was the race whose blood (soul) was of the highest degree. His ideology caused Germans who supported him to be deceived.
    • Army Veteran
      While you and the rest of the world condemn Hitler for his views on the Aryan race, everyone remains quiet with the claim that "Jews are the Aristocrats of society". Would you explain the difference? Why is it okay for the Jews to think of themselves as being better than everyone else, but not Hitler? This all goes to the indoctrination that has taken place in promoting the entire WW2 story as a one-sided event where the allies could do no wrong and the axis could do no right. When you grow up believing such nonsense, it gets easier to believe the lies. Bear in mind that truth fears no investigation but lies do. WW2 has become a one-sided event because labeling someone as "antisemitic" is a form of censorship to protect a specific narrative.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Hitler’s ideology of a "master race" and the hate he had for the Jews is clearly recorded in history: Hitler was a soldier in the German army. At the end of WW1, he and many other German soldiers like him could not get over the defeat of the German Empire. The German army command spread the myth that the army had not lost the war on the battlefield, but because they had been betrayed by the Jews in what is called "a stab in the back." Didn't you know there were Jews who fought for Germany in WW1?
  • Personally, I believe that only the winner can write the history and so you will never get a truly balanced or honest idea of what happened or what Hitler was like. But the Aryan race thing is part and parcel of the Atlantean belief system that has been about for many years, America was formed upon it as the New Atlantis. These where believed by the likes of Francis Bacon, and John Dee, but also the likes of Madam Blavatsky who was part of the "Secret Doctrine of All Ages," THE SEVEN ROOT RACES OF MANKIND. It's a high level knowledge in the freemasons, and according to sources Hilter had a copy. Even today it still plays out in the Lucis Trust, where Alice Bailey married to a 33rd degree freemason and held Madam Blavatsky in high regard, is sponsored and funded by the UN, so it's still about, alive and well, I believe most wars have been orchestrated, and funded by people with a shared interest and wealth, to bring about a goal, many wars in that period were the backdrop of forming of a United Nations, starting as a league of Nations, and Germany and Italy kept pulling out of it, then you have the harshness of the Treaty of Versailles, but you are never going to be able to have an open and honest conversation when it is unlawful to criticize certain peoples, or the opposing side is muted, I know from a different perspective that isn't heard very often, Hitler did drop leaflets over London prior to the war called A Last Appeal to Reason, which on his part tried to explain to the British peoples' that Germany didn't want war, and that behind it was Jewish Bankers, and English war mongerers, (a document hard pressed to find in full anymore) which is how he referred to Winston Churchill; but of course we live in a world of propaganda, false flags, ghost and mirrors, because this is war, and so it will always be difficult to reach truth. I have no idea what sort of leader Hitler was, only from the public narrative that was given. I do understand it was Himmler that was really the driving force. Of course all wars have to be funded, and it isn't necessary leaders at the helm, in as much as large corporations, banks, churches etc, that are behind such people, them as sponsors, and the puppets as having investments.
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      In his speeches, Hitler always referred to Churchill as "Mr. Churchill" and FDR as "Mr. Roosevelt". I know about the leaflets and you are correct. Contrary to popular belief, the "escape" at Dunkirk was also an effort to show Britain that he (Hitler) didn't want war. He could have easily wiped them out but didn't. In his last testament, Hitler expelled both Goebbels and Himler from the Nazi party for treason - they would go behind his back to try and make deals with Britain. Interestingly, he never kicked out Rudolf Hess who actually did go to Britain on a peace mission. This indicates that he (Hess) was actually working with Hitler's consent and not as a free agent as it is widely believed.

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