• They want it to get high off of but they want to be sure it's not deadly. If they know what it is they can find out if it gets them high.
  • Boredom drives some people mad.
  • Not me im against those things.
  • They don't know that there is a pill identifier site that you can type the description in and it will tell you all about every type of medication.
  • I noticed that too, Sym. My 1st thought was they want something on a family member? Or maybe just to catch a buzz? Or suppliment their income? ;-)
  • The 'what's that pill?' category is itself a subject of frequent questions -- people have wondered what you're wondering since the Dawn of Answerbag Time. As far as I know, none of the people asking these questions has *ever* responded with their motivation, leaving us all speculating year after year. The best guess I've heard is that it's mostly parents who have found a strange pill in their teens' stuff and want to know what they're up against.

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