• If it were right this second I would transport myself to Rio to go see my 'friend' Allesandra! lol +5 Polly. Best, Jonathan
  • ..oh to see some sick family..I feel so helpless so far away from them... then....I know...visit each and every AB friend, wouldn't that be great
  • shower in the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders' locker room.
  • Hawaii, first stop.. ireland on the second snap until i worked my way through country
  • I'm sure that would change often if I could; but at the moment, I would transport myself to Mystic, CT so I could have coffee with my sister! Simple, but I miss her right now! Then we would both be off to a beach somewhere in the caribbean to relax with some Pina Coladas.
  • Are you kidding? I'd never drive again. I'd just snap my way to work, the store, and everywhere. For vacations; Glacier Bay, Montana; Lake Biakal; Japan, China, Italy [I've always wanted to visit Florence, Rome, Venice . . .] oh the possibilities are endless. I love going new places, I just hate flying.
  • I have a friend in Hawaii I'd like to visit...
  • My first stop would be to New York, I've always wanted to see New York in the fall. And I'd probably go visit an AB friend while I was there. Then I'd country-hop around Europe, first Italy, then France, then London, Scotland & Ireland, Spain, Whales, Amsterdam, Germany. After that I'd go down and visit Australia & New Zealand. Then the Bahamas, Alaska, the Riviera. Oh how I wish this fantasy could become a reality! +++
  • I will randomly pick Donald Trump's tropical Beach Home.
  • I would wan to go back in the past, say I am sorry to my dad for the mean things I said to him and give him a hug.. He died of a heart attack before I could do that the next day.. :(
  • Finger snapping never worked for me... these shiny red shoes work wonders.
  • wow... plus 5 Polly nice question to trigger my imagination it would be my bed room ..... most of teh times. and other times it would be some spa at Goa or some nude beach .....
  • Marrakech =) I'm missing it a lot and counting dfown until I can afford to go back. That would save my problem!
  • The Bahamas, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mackinac Island, Michigan, all of French Polynesia, Norfold Island, Pitcairn Island, Budapest, Hungary, Istanbul, Turkey, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Marquench, Scotland... anywhere else that looks amazing... I am going to Disneyland!
  • First I'd have to learn how to snap my fingers =/ Then I'd go to Ireland because I've always wanted to see some of the castles that are there.
  • IDK, would I get to take anything with me, like a suitcase or my car?
  • One place I'd love to see is Mt. Everest. I'm too old to climb but I'd love to just see it.

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