• Many local products are better than imports - especially when it comes to fresh produce like vegetables. That's because they tend to export the biggest and brightest items, not the tastiest.
  • I prefer to buy from my own country, the U.S. Our economy is bad enough as it is.
  • I try to buy as close to home as possible. it would be silly not to. Put those tax dollars to work in my home town!
  • I always look that the food is as much health/good as possible, or as close as natural food of my grandmothers garden, and if it's our home brand, then even better.
  • I try to buy USA. I actually bought two Radio Flyer wagons when I found out the company was moving their factory overseas. These were for grandchildren I didn't even have yet. Every single thing that I do buy made in China that is a replacement for supposedly identical model that was made in the USA, is inferior in every way. Is this a lowering of the specs by the US company? I don't know. I just know that is what I have experienced.
  • Depends what I buy.
  • Not at all. Generally I buy whatever I choose to buy, price pays a huge factor. However, there is one exception! Strawberries, I live in Norway and they truly do have the worlds best strawberries in the early summer.
  • I try to support my country - but since my country doesn't make sh*t anymore I'm left with an empty closet and bare pantry. The large corporations have sold my nation out, they set up shops in third world nations and pay the locals virtually nothing then import the crap back here and sell it to us at a ridiculous profit margin to themselves. Such a scam - except since Americans don't have jobs anymore we can't afford to by their crap no matter how cheap it is to produce and sell. The large companies in their hunger for bigger profits have destroyed their own market base by wrecking the economy of the country that buys most of their stuff in the first place.
  • depends on the product i guess. some of my hobbies consist of products not made in America. but yeah it does matter to me.

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