• I have friends of both types. I value them both. Sometimes I need one...and sometimes I need the other.
  • I prefer the honest one because I see artificial kindness as a form of lying. This reminds me of a friendship my wife lost because that friend only wanted a "yes woman", someone to agree with and support every selfish act.
  • To be perfectly honest with you, the friends who are opened and honest with me all the way are the ones that I consider the make of a best friend. Telling me the truth means a whole lot to me in any relationship whether it be spouse, children, or my friends.
  • The 1 who always tells the truth even when it hurts
  • Without a shadow of a doubt - the last one. The friends I appreciate the most, and the friends I count as the closest, are those on whom I can always count to tell the truth. No matter what.

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