• oh you can get weed out faster by drinknig alot of water and diet pills... by the way...
  • Mushrooms leave the system in twentyfour hours (I think, maybe less) and they are next to impossible to test for
  • i am not sure, but i am guessing this question is in response to a drug test. i don't think drug tests generally check for such things as "shrooms"; i'm not even sure if they can!
  • 65% of the psilocybin leaves your body after 8 hours, when your trip is done. The other bit stay dectable fo several weeks.
  • shrums are food poisoning so if your getting a drug test you should be good. cuz food poisoning doesnt show up on drug test
  • 3 days for urine tests..5 for blood and never for spinal taps.
  • Three days tops.
  • psilocybin and psilocin are currently not tested for on a regular (or any at all, to my knowledge) drug test. I have read somewhere that a method is being developed, but at the moment it is incredibly expensive to do. LSD can be tested for, however it is not part of the regular tests either. Just for the military.
  • shrooms dont show up on any drug test there is so i wouldn't be worried. surprisingly shrooms are legal to posses but if you drive while on shrooms and u get caught thats considering driving under the influence.
    • mushroom
      You could try to tell the judge you must have eaten something bad.
  • probably the same amount of time, just dont do any drugs and then you wont have to worry about it

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