• Yes, because all of their songs are sung by the same lead singer
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it! They have a specific sound, but each song varies, I enjoy their style... granted I have to edit the songs before I'll play them with my family around.
  • they do sound a little bit the same some of them more than others but its not like ac/dc where almost all of them sound exactly the same.
  • I noticed that, too. I think it's because they've been out and around so long, they are running out of ways to re-invent themselves and stay popular with the top hits crowd.
  • They could use a bit more variety in their music. They have a very distinctive style, and they rarely (if ever) differ from it by trying to get a new sound for a particular song. But they must be doing *Something* right, so there doesn't seem to be much need for change.
  • Their style is distinctive, especially with the voice of Anthony sining lead vocals, but I don't think that their songs sound the same. Take three songs at random from my mp3 player and we have... 1) Snow 2) Otherside 3) Higher Ground If you ask me, all three are easily distinguishable from each other.
  • If you think all their songs sound the same you should try listening to Status Quo. The Chillis sound like a musical smorgasbord in comparison.
  • I love the RHCP and their songs don't sound the same they are the same with different lyrics.
  • their songs aound the same for you coz it dont matter how old they are, or how new they are, theyre so grand that you can barely difference their songs, coz theyve got something called STYLE! which most of musicians want to have and a lot of them, sadly,, cant :)

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