• Autumn in upstate NY The really cool landscapes of Utah The lush greenery and unique cuisine of Louisiana The wide openness of the plains of Nebraska The crystal blue ocean in Florida
  • Yosemite National Park Washington, D.C. Maui, Hawaii Grand Canyon, Arizona San Diego, California And see them in this order and then, afterwards, we can talk and talk and never mention the same subject twice!!
  • Hoover Dam The Grand Canyon The Washington Monument in DC Arlington National Cemetery in DC The Chicago Lakefront and miracle mile
  • NYC - especially after they rebuild ground zero Alaska Grand Canyon Niagara Falls Yellwostone Park
  • The Atlantic Coast, the Great Lakes, the Rocky Mountains, the Yukon and the Pacific Coast. :) +5
  • Weather,educational, medical facilities,economic growth and no political tension.
  • Great weather indeed. Only like 3 months cold. Wild life (all walking free) - lions, elephants, rhino's, leopards, ext, ext Table Mountain in the beautiful Cape Town Lovely beaches (specially in the Southern and Eastern Cape) The lovely Drakensberg Mountains +++
  • NYC (Manhattan- a zillion fantastic things to see there) The Grand Canyon (AZ) Monterey Peninsula (CA) Giant redwood trees (CA) Big Sur Highway 1 drive (CA)
  • Mount Rushmore - In South Dakota and the faces of the past presidents carved into the mountain. Statue of Liberty - New York harbor Grand Canyon Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful Geyser Smithsonian Institute museums in Washington D.C. - Nation's Capitol
  • Croatia - Mediterranean as it once was. Hard to say but: 1. any coast town from Pula to Dubrovnik is a must see destination, beautiful beaches, blue cave at island Biševo for example 2. One of the 7 National parks like Plitvička jezera, Krka, Brijuni... 3. Zagreb our capital - something like small Wienna, Austria 4. Different kinds of festivals, especially during summer - lots of fun, Zadar for example who has great architecture by the way 5. 100.000 books collection :)
  • Just me
  • Desert Safari Museum Boating Latest and huge Shopping Malls Gold Market with huge collection AND Starwalker to receive you:)+
  • flordia everglades redwood forest of oregon disney washington d.c. hoover dam
  • The Grand Canyon The Northern Lights(the aurora) Statue of Liberty New York City The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Stonehenge The London Eye (you can see pretty much every important London landmark from there) Tower of London The Lake District Edinburgh
  • The followings video's are to give you an idea of what its like to live in the UK.. Hope you find them interesting :D Although the UK is made up of Britain and Northern Ireland..I didn't want to leave out its close neighbours as they are virtually on the I have included Scotland, Ireland and Wales...
  • I live none to far from Tokyo so me and all my friends including my girlfriend went over to hang out by the Rainbow Bridge... We hung out right under it and it was awesome. There were street racers hangin out there and we all chilled... They had booze!
  • I'm from ireland and i haven't a clue(i'm to lazy to nose around) so take your pick. :)
  • 1 Natural beauty of Himalayas and rivers flowing thru it 2 culutural heritage that is still flowing down with modern enviornment (art, mucis, dance, life style) 3 authentic religious serenity 4 monumental and architectural beauties 5 naturopathy, spa, natural healing....
  • The Great Barrier Reef...the Whitsunday Islands...the rainforests, waterfalls and hinterland of Far North Queensland...Broome and its beaches...and definitley out back Australia with its wild landscape and gorges...
  • 1. The Rocky Mountains 2. The Bay of Fundy 3. Your Mom 4. The Badlands 5. My Kitty, his name is Moses.
  • Taj Mahal Indian Culture Range of Himalaya River Ganges INDIA
  • The Rocky Mountains Cooperstown The Grand Canyon Las Vegas ...and Disney World!!
  • Malta: Valletta's St. John Cathedral (inside) The fortifications around the Grand Harbour The prehistoric temples like Mnajdra or Ä gantija Ta' ÄŠenÄ‹ cliffs - from below The Three Cities
  • I am from India and I will give 5 things that interested me most while traveling all over India. These must be experienced to understand why I list them in the order I describe them. . Top of the list will be the 64 bathing ghats of Varanasi on the banks of River Ganga viewed from a slow moving boat in the river. An up an down trip that will take some 3 hours in a rowing boat will give an idea of what the Indian Cultural Heritage is. . Next will come the daily change of the flag on top of the 200' tall temple tower at at Puri. A new 20' long triangular flag is prepared everyday by a male member of the family who were given the rights for hoisting the flag 800 years ago by the king who built the Puri Jagannath Temple. At sunset every evening the designated member the family climbs up the tower with his back to the wall, the new flag tied to his stomach - removes the previous day's flag and hoists the new flag in its place. The new flag flying westward in the sea breeze is one of the most thrilling sights ever. Then he climbs down with the old flag tied to his stomach with his back to the tower walls. This ritual is being performed by male members of the of the same family in an unbroken succession for over 800 years. . The sight of the 28169' Kanjanjunga Peak in the Himalayas as viewed from Darjeeling, a hill station in West Bengal State, at sunrise. Watching the yellow rays of the sun first touching the snows on top of the peak and then revealing the lower portions while we are still standing in twilight is an ethereal experience that can be had only from Darjeeling. . The Big Temple at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu is one of the most magnificent constructions ever made by man. It has a tower 216 feet high and is topped by dome made of a block of granite 25 feet square and 80 tons in weight. How the 80 tonne stone was lifted 216' and placed with precision on top to of the tower 1000 years ago is an engineering feat to be marveled at. The temple architecture and granite carvings too are equally magnificent. . The Archaeological Survey of India Museum at Saranath, Uttar Pradesh is a depository of Buddhist artifacts excavated locally. It has sculptures from 4th century AD through 15th centruy AD. The smallest will be a Buddha head just a few inches tall and the largest will be a stone wheel 20' in diameter. As we move from one gallery to the next we are actually moving from one century to the next. By the time we reach the 10 century galleries we will notice how Hindu icons get mixed to the Buddhist icons and by the 14th century we will see that Buddhism in India had totally merged with Hinduism. All through the 10 centuries the exhibits are beautifully carved. It is special because elsewhere in the world Buddism thrived in different forms while in India it got merged to its mother religion Hinduism by 14th Century AD. . I have listed the 5 things that have impressed me most and are truly fantastic in my view that must be seen and experienced by every one. Most of these have made it to the UNESCO Heritage Sites. . I have purposely omitted mention of the Taj Mahal as even after several visits I was not really been impressed by it. It may be a tourist attraction but the soul of India you will find in the 5 things I have listed. I could have given you more but you want only 5!

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