• Yes I think the type of pen you use does make adifference to your handwriting..I have to use ballpoint mainly, especially for work purposes, but I do like to write with a gel pen..
  • Jim recently bought a few new pens for us and the one I currently favor (I have it attached to my checkbook) is a Sharpie pen. It looks like a ball point pen but writes like an ink pen. No false scratchy letters/numbers...smooth as silk! :)
  • I like a fine tipped ball point pen. They enable me to write detailed changes to my technical paperwork that are easy to read in the spaces I have available to me. I do not like gel pens, because the ink from these can smear and smudge easily prior to drying, and they will still smear and run later on if they get damp/wet. Not good for official records.
  • I prefer ball point. I like a fine point when I write.

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