• ooh ohh! me! me! but i'm even MORE tired of the little kids who want you to make a passing grade for them.
  • That would be me! My homework days are OVER, dadgummit. Enough with the cheating. do yer own homework, kids. I don't mind helping you get started, but I'm not doing your work for you. +5
  • Not me. I enjoy them.
  • Most of the question like that that I will answer are math, and I believe, most are more jr-sr high. I will give an explanation for ONE, and they should use that explanation as an example to do the others like it. There used to be a DYOH (Do Your Own Homework) movement on here, but I said it once, and it turned out to be the mother, trying to help her kid to their homework. So, if I can answer, again, I will give ONE example of math questions, and for any others, I MIGHT give them the link to Wikipedia or maybe something else. I will NOT write someone's essay for them. :-P What about those kids who are TRYING, but don't have parents who can or will help? Or who are working? College students? Help is one thing, doing it is something else. Otherwise, I just look at it as kids trying to get us to do their homework, but also adding real and real good questions to the AB database. Heck... If YOU had had the internet when you were that age, wouldn't you have asked the questions you couldn't figure out on your own? I believe I would have! ;-)

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