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  • I used to do this all the time, when I was a teen. I started to do a variation of this as a freshman in high school. My house had a low brick fence, in the back yard. A portion of it faced the street, where I would see girls from a nearby junior high walk home. The fence was just high enough, where it came up to just above my navel. I'd watch the girls walk by and slowly jack off. When one made eye contact with me, I'd have the most intense orgasum ever. So much different than oridinary masterbation. One day, I was doing my usual and made eye contact with a girl, walking by herself. I was reaching the point of no return, when she left the sidewalk & began walking towards me. I shot the biggest load as she stared at me, as she got closer. She stood about 2 feet from me & asked why I stared at them almost every day. I made up something about being incredibly shy, not knowing what to say. I guess she bought it and went on her way. Little did she know, I was milking the last of my cum, as she spoke to me. However, later, I realized that if I was caught, I'd be sunk. All she would have had to do was to lean over the fence & see a gob of cum on the ground & me with my pecker in my hand. My dad would have killed me, so I retired, for a time at least...
  • Oh yes, as often as I can. Also in bush areas, anyplace there is a risk of being seen. It's very exciting
  • Yes! I love the risk.

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