• She swallows? +5
  • We've only seen her from the neck up, we haven't seen her in the dark.
  • Marriage vows mean nothing to her? It's easy to see what she sees in him...he's such an attractive man.
  • I am assuming she has whore like cababilities, to have had an affair with him so long, while he was MARRIED.
  • She is good at giving head!! Believe me!!! ;)
  • They fit like a hand and a glove. What does she sees in him???? What did Lady Di saw in him???
  • I expect she is compatible with the prince. Diana was high maintenance and flighty, he should not have married here in the first place.
  • she might be a warm, caring person, no one really knows except the ppl close to her...
  • Prince Charles, probably.
  • He was always a Rod Stewart fan.
  • I guess he just loves her.
  • She'll not find another man, so he can guarantee she won't sleep with anyone else not with the kind of skeletons he has in his closet.
    • Victorine
      Camilla's long had men interested in her.
  • Probably something he did not see in Diana?
  • He likes talking to vegetables
  • I think they might share the same sick sense of humour...they obviously get along real well and understand where each other is coming from...their both unattractive so looks dont come into it...I dont have much respect for either of them though...screwing behind Dianas'...
  • Well he plays polo a lot and we know he likes horses!!
  • They share a passion for the same thing...horses. Come to think of it, she kinda resembles one... but they are better looking LOL
  • That, my dear, is the $64,000 question! I used to wonder about that myself, but it appears that Camilla had been his true love (though married to another man) for quite some time before Diana ever came on the scene. Camilla is no beauty, for sure, but she is proof that beauty is only skin deep. I do believe that Prince Jugears found in her the stability and maturity that Diana was simply too young to possess. Diana's primary purpose was to provide an heir, which she did, but was an embarrassment in many ways to the royals. Sarah Ferguson got much the same treatment, but was a stronger person and better survivor.
  • I don't know what they see in each other. They are both ugly. It must be the sex, lol
  • She probably is a dominatrix and Charles likes experiencing the submissive; she probably ties him up in the palace just like Bill and Hillary across the pond in Lincolns bedroom.
  • Excuse me but Charlie is no prince either. He looks like a taxicab with the doors flung open. And that honker? Not cute. Not a cute man. And an asshole. Remember that. Asshole. He's lucky to get anyone.
  • He's loved her since they both were young. He wasn't faithful to his first wife, but he's been faithful to his lifelong true love. That's something everyone should admire.
  • She was the one that got away because Prince Charles said he wouldn't marry till he was 30 and Camilla didn't want to wait. They both disgust me. Diana was too good for him and he did her wrong. She deserved better.
  • Personal warmth, relaxation, comfort, deep friendship and affection, and understanding. And she's probably fabulous in bed. What many people don't seem to understand is that erotic appeal doesn't depend on beauty. It never has. Camilla's been found appealing for years. Even women who've known her over the years have said that they can understand exactly what men have seen in her. She's got "it".
  • Like many people, you make the mistake of thinking attraction is all about looks. How, then, do you explain why most people in the world are not good-looking, and yet most find mates? In the first place, erotic appeal is not dependent on beauty, as many great courtesans of history (and their patrons) could have told you. Camilla always had it in abundance. Even women who knew her in her youth and middle age admitted that they understood exactly what men saw in her. And apparently, once Charles was in the sack with her, that erotic promise was fulfilled. More than that, though, Camilla is said to have a straightforward, uncomplicated personality, the perfect counterpoint to the Prince's neuroticism and insecurity, plus a fine sense of humor and a knack for putting people at ease, for relaxing them. All of that adds up to quite a package. What's not to like? After all, beauty's going to wear out its welcome when it's accompanied by personality and emotional problems that quickly overwhelm whatever value the beauty seemed to possess. I should add that as a young woman, Camilla was a genuinely attractive lady, as well as sexy and relaxing. You should look up some old photos of her. And let's face it: Charles himself is no oil painting, nor was he ever.
  • Camilla is his soul mate

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