• Yes. +5
  • Yea i will tell you 1, i don't like to park my car too close to the train tracks when a train is going by, not sure why i have some sort of phobia there. I would just rather not be close to the train at all when its wizzing by.
  • I dont want to be buried in case somehow I "wake up". Even though I know, that would be impossible with all that they do to the body but still....
  • I have a strange fear that I don't like to admit because I find it kind of embarrassing, but here it goes. I'm afraid of being tortured. Sometimes I think about someone breaking all of my fingers and toes before they kill me. I get that in my head and it drives me fucking nuts and I have to make fists to protect my fingers and I have to curl my toes. Weird I know.
  • I'm scared of looking in the mirror in the dark. It goes back to those stupid Bloody Mary scary stories I heard as a kid. ><
  • Don't like flying over the Atlantic Ocean at midnight without an available parachute with a rescue boat attached. Don't someone scaring me from behind.
  • I'm scared of crickets....I don't know why. My two biggest pet peeves are people who dog ear the pages of a book and when people use the word irregardless.
  • pigeons
  • I always make way too big a deal of nightmares. I remember when I was about seven I had a dream that my mom told me my hair was going to fall out but she was saying it while smiling and I get freaked out because I think that means cancer or something and I get way to stressed over that kind of stuff. I also hate it when people's really annoying.
  • I get nervous when the wind starts howling for no reason... :/
  • Hey Mukio, Welcome to AB. I have a whole flock of pet peeves. I started out keeping them in the kitchen, but they got too noisy with all the hard surfaces. Then I moved them to the family room, but they tossed food and dust everywhere. Finally I moved them to the back porch, and that's where they're going to stay. I'm tired of 'em. You can buy 'em off me cheap!
  • &quot;Fear" - Being sprayed by a cat. "Pet Peeve" - Rubber-neckers in traffic.
  • Yes. Empty pockets and bank account.
  • Fear of large objects in outer space. If I look at the moon through a telescope, it really gets to me. If you show me a picture of the sun or any planet with black space as the backdrop it scares me. Don't know why.

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