• After the horrendous genocides, Germany has decided to outlaw anything that symbolises Nazism from Holocaust Denial to Hitlers "Kampf" / Struggle to annihilate the Jewish people. "Mein Kampf," or "My Struggle," is banned from sale, but it can be found in libraries for research purposes.
  • "Mein Kampf" translates to "My Struggle", Hitler's autobiography of his rise to power. Many post WW2 Germans are embarassed by the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Third Reich altogether and banned propaganda from that era. One of my close friends in Germany told me it is a big no-no to even discuss it anymore.
  • It's understandable. I'm against it but if I was German I would want no connection whatsoever with Hitler.
  • It is banned because of the guilt that germany feels for the holocaust. They don't want to have to deal with neo-nazi's. However, it should not be banned. The reason that we study history it to not make the same mistakes that we have in the past. Because of this, people should read it to see what a madman thinks like, and how we can see what the hatred he has resulted in. I have read parts of it, and it is strange to see what he was thinking. Don't rate this question down. It is a legitamate one. edit: Nevermind. I read some of his other questions. he is just spreading anti-semitic views. Usually, in modern times, the nazis are dealt with by the rest of the people. In the US, nazi's can march, but anti-Nazi's can counter march. In ann arbor, michigan, when my parents lived there, the nazi's marched, but they ended up barricaded in buildings, trying to escape from the multi-thousand person crowd that was following them. Notice the guy with a pipe. Nazi's are dealt with democratically. The police ended up having to save them.
  • Because the Germans are so ashamed of their past that they go to any lengths to avoid it they can, short of flat out denial. In an attempt to save their image after WWII they have outlawed anything that could ever promote the German Nazi stereotype. I've read Mein Kampf, though, and the book, can easily be seen as glorifying Hitler. The Germans don't even want to be in the same room with somebody who will think of Hitler, let alone allow a book that makes him seem like less of a monster.
  • I do not know if it is banned in a way that you must not own a copy or have to destroy it. For sure you cannot sell or publish it. Like other symbols and gestures from the third reich, that are forbidden to display or use (Hitler greeting and Swastica e.g.). The reason goes back to the time when the allies dis-nazi-fied Germany (that's a translation of the word "Entnazifizierung"). Documents, medals, signs, flags, books etc. of people who were in the NSDAP party or worked for the goverment, police, post office, city hall and smilar had to proof that they became "Nazi free". The houses were inspected by the allied forces, documents, books and medals were confiscated. Those laws have never been changed or touched. In my opinion there is no need to ban the book, I tried to read it (in German, my mother tongue). I failed after a few pages. That guy knew how to write a book, that no one wants to read. It is horribly and boring written, and content is something that you need to search for.
  • the book is an embarrassing to the germainic populas
  • It is forbidden in Germany to be part of the Nazi movement part of that ban extends to propaganda and pro-nazi literature. Mein Kampf certainly fits that role.
  • The book's title is "Mein Kempf", you've misspelled it. The book is banned as is everything associated with Nazism. The country rose up, tried to take over the world, and committed a horrific genocide under the leadership of the author, Adolf Hitler.

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