• No. I don't even think they are healthier than they were a hundred years ago. We have more antibiotics, etc., now for infectious diseases, and treatments for other diseases, but that is not "health".
  • Well, I am sure everyone would like to think so, but look at our environment. Look at what goes in our food, drinks etc.. People think if they drink a diet drink, eat certain foods etc.., that their health will improve!Now I am guilty for drinking diet, but look what is in those drinks. Honestly, I feel natural foods are best in moderation.An example is butter is better than margarine as far as healthy is concerned. It may be higher in fat, but that's when you don't eat as much. Also, look at all the medications people are receiving now. How could man made junk be healthy for our body's natural production? It even says on medications that the drug may cause other worse symptoms. You may reduce one issue and cause another. Its just ridiculous! In the end, its all about genes. If you have a predisposition to high cholesterol, then odds are you will have it regardless of what you do. It is best to take healthy measures, but fake man made crap is just as bad for our bodies.
  • Dont think so. We drank water from the tap without getting unknown germs, 4 of us shared the same bottle of cola without getting any diseases, we ate fruits from the trees without washing it, we ate plain veggies and lots of fruit, we never got additional vitamins. We played outside and our parents didnt worry, they knwe we will be back as soon as the streetlights were switched on. We did not sit infront of the tv, playstation, wii, pc the whole day and night. We ran around and went to bed exhausted at night but the next day we did the same. We got home from school, ate something, went back to school of participating in sport, run back home, do homework, run outside..... we were not overweight cause food and stuff didnt have time to get 'stuck' on us, we were just too active. Oh, those were the days........
  • Definitely. That's why we are living longer. Happy Wednesday LT! :)
  • Healthier, yes. Not necessarily happier. Unfortunately we are now dying one piece at a time.
  • No way. There are so many more fast foods places and video games for the kids to stay INdoors. And ppl just do not live as long as they used to.
  • Not if they eat at MacDonalds.
  • I definitely was healthier 30 years ago. I look around at my old and ailing friends, I think they were healthier, too.
  • yes people lives longer then before and are more healthy.
  • I think due to pollution and spraying in veggies, medicines which is given to poultry products etc, before people were more healthy than we are now.

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