• It depends if you find all killing wrong. I don't think it is but theres some problems with it seeing that you can't "undo" an execution if the person is later found to be innocent.
  • Nope. If you kill someone, we will kill you back. Seriously, it depends on why we have the death penalty. There are many reasons for the death penalty that have been argued. for example: -Retribution - you killed, so you should be killed. -General deterrence (to send deter others from killing) -Specific deterrence (to make sure this killer doesn't kill again) -Societal norm (the killer has shown that he can't live in our society without killing, so we won't let him live in our society) -etc. You (or I) may not agree with all (or any) of these, but they are not irrational.
  • It is.
  • Only if the Code of Hammurabi was hypocritical. It's the ultimate expression of 'what goes around comes around'.
  • No, It's called punishment. If you kill someone you forfeit your own life. It's completely fair. There are many forms of jusstifiable homicide. Self defense if you are violently attacked, Combat situations in the military, Even protection of private property in several states. The death penalty is just another "justifiable" homicide.
  • NO..even the Bible states 'an eye for an eye'! Just think how you would feel if someone killed a loved one of yours, especially a child or grandchild.
  • In ways yes. I think that being in jail rotting with the rest of those dirtbags is a better form of punishment. Even if they are the worst people and have done the worst thing imaginable doesn't mean we have a right to end their lives. It is extremely unlikely but maybe in Jail they could suffer and with that they can realize the wrong they did and have a change of heart. Obviously that wont change what they did and wont get them out of jail, but its better to help a person change even if its too late than to kill them and do what they were just punished for doing.
  • While I disagree with executing criminals, I do not think a death penalty is hypocritical, no ...
  • Not if you believe in the law of Hammurabi (sp?). An eye for an eye. Punishment to fit the crime. You murder, you get to see exactly what it feels like to die except that you are treated humanely. I think it is reprehensible to treat with compassion a monster..say a monster who rapes and murders your child. I'll stick with the "eye-for-an-eye" rule. It is the only one that seems just and fair to me. :)
  • How so?
  • Life sentences are more hypocritical. The judge is saying "you're not fit to be in society" and yet keeping the person around, at the expense of the rest of society. If the goal is to rehabilitate, 10 or 20 years to think about what someone's done and change their ways, good, but if they're found unredeemable take them out back and blow their brains out and throw the corpse in an incinerator.
  • Depends what you have done,,,,,whats wrong with an eye for an eye,,,,,
  • Upon what do you base this hypothesis on? Do you have any examples in mind?
  • The death penalty is especially hypocritical in the U.S. because we call our prison system a "correction system" which implies that it's goal is to teach people how to live in a free society. The only religious groups that I have seen with a consistent policy is the Catholics and Quakers. They don't believe in abortion or executions. The good old protestants are big on "retroactive abortions". Texas, one of our most religious states, has an express lane for executions. I don't think the Texans are hypocritical. They like to kill things and aren't ashamed to admit it. Every once in a while an innocent man gets executed but that is just the cost of doing business with an efficient punishment system. I understand Bush took great pleasure in signing execution orders and everybody knows he "talks to Jesus". In my opinion some the executions aren't really punishment, they're just garbage disposal but I still would not recommend inserting the syringe or closing the switch. Life in prison, to me, is a much more harsh penalty.
  • Morally, yes . To punish someone for killing by killing them is hypocritical . Although, if someone took someone elses life, why shouldn't their life be taken from them?
  • I agree with RosieGHM Jetpacker95 an eye for an eye. Im so happy someone speaks sense... people who ask questions like this obviously are ok to see their child or mother tortured and rapped for months and be happy to see their killer behind pretty bars with cable tv and 3 meals a day, oh oh and play time... yea f*ckin right!
  • No. A hypocrite is someone who professes a belief even though they really do not hold that belief. For example, if I say killing is wrong and then turn around and kill, I would be deemed a hypocrite. However, death penalty proponents do not profess that killing is right. Rather, they profess that killing is okay when there is a justification, but not okay when not justified. These are two separate beliefs. Should a death penalty opponent spend his life in jail for killing in self defense? If you take a black and white stance that killing is wrong, then the answer must be yes. That person would be a hypocrite if he argued that he was against the death penalty because killing is wrong, and then turns around and kills.
  • It is a little bit if you think about it. +5
  • No, I do not see the hypocrisy in it.

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