• I really hope not. We have enough trouble as it is, with legal alcohol and drunk driving. I do favor pot users NOT going to jail, however, unless they use pot while driving, for example. +5
  • California is proposing it so it could be taxed. They might as well tax heroin too.
  • Yes, it is legalized now. USA encourages people to think about cannabis differently, as something that is acceptable for adults to do in a responsible way. It's interesting how results vary across states. We have to think about the medical side of the plant too it's not only recreational. Cannabinoids that contain Cannabis plants are a way to relive pain for a lot of patients with various diagnosis. But I think it will take no time at all when all the states will come to an agreement regarding recreational, medical and edible cannabis.
  • If enough states legalize it, I'm sure the Feds will follow.

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