• I like to argue, last time: Never.
  • I love to argue, but not in the screaming & shouting way. I often find myself arguing for things I don’t even believe just to see where the discussion leads. The last time was....... about 20mins ago :)
  • I used to. Now I'd rather not.
  • I try to avoid it! I just don't think my opinion is important enough to shove down someone's throat and I don't think someone ELSE'S opinion is THAT important to CARE what they think. I share my opinions with people. If they agree. . . . .GREAT! If they don't. . . .that's FINE, too! Just no "biggie" to me etiher way! Really!
  • I won't argue, but I will challenge my close friends on rare occasions.from time to time.   There are times when its important to confront those we love and know extremely well in a loving way, to challenge them if they are in the process of making possibly unwise decisions.   I won't avoid conflict in such a situation but will confront my friend as kindly as I know how and then they can then take my advice or leave it. I'll love my friend regardless of what decision they make.
  • i like to avoid conflict
  • no, i hate arguing and i try to avoid conflict

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