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  • I could give the Christian answer, and that is "no." I could give the answer of being a free American, and you can if you want as long as it is under consent, though not really "legal." I'd personally say that it's not a good idea - you don't know what diseases you might get from these people. It's not a good thing to do because that can also cause jealousy and other problems among the people, even if they all claim to consent.
  • I believe that it is less healthy for a relationship if you have sex with multiple partners, but so long as you do it with consent then I hold no objections to anyone doing it.
  • yes you should have sex with multiple partners and if you do ill come and you can have sex with me over and over and over again
  • I would say you better be really careful and I would also say not a real good idea
  • If you are single, go for it. If you are comfortable with the arrangement, everybody's clean and protected and legal, then fine do it. I think before you do it though, you have to look at your reasons for wanting group sex - is it because you're curious and horny? or is it because you're feeling unattractive or have low self esteem? Maybe you feel like you can't connect to other people except through sex etc. If you have looked hard at why you're doing it and you still feel comfortable with doing it, then do it. It's your life. Make sure there is a Safe Word though, so everybody knows when to stop and will stop. If you are already in a relationship, bringing another person or persons into the arrangement may ruin your relationship - I'm talking about either or both of you becoming jealous, getting angry at one another for 'enjoying' it too much or favouring someone who isn't your partner, and feeling left out. This can lead to mistrust, paranoia and on the other side of the scale, affairs.
    • officegirl
      Many good points. I was never very beautiful, or pretty, or even cute and certainly the attention I have received in being with a group of men does wonders in terms of feeling wanted and even beautiful. To say nothing of the orgasms I can have when they take their time with me. Just so you know - at my evenings I have always had a leader to run them for me and see things are going smoothly. Best if he has experience with such situations but sometimes it had been my husband or a boyfriend. I never had a "safe word" because we would plan it out pretty well from the beginning and everyone invited gets a set of rules - just a matter of what I am more comfortable with and should not be so many and complicated that they spoil or ruin the guys' spontaneity. Yes I am more comfortable and can mostly let go more without my husband there and he is less comfortable with that kind of scene and loses interest after a while. So he has someone he sees on his own and I have other people and sometimes a group set up for me.
  • ...multiple partners as in at ONCE? or as in more than one person in LIFE? If you're talking about threesomes and whatnot, if you're safe, I don't see why not. It's a private matter what people want in the bedroom, and if it satisfies them, then I thinks it's fine as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. In a bad way. haha. I also think it could realllllly mess up a relationship if you're trying a threesome or whatever with a partner you intend to remain with. I just seems like it could become very complicated and jealousy and infidelity could arise from it. If you mean multiple partners in life, then I think that a lot of people are fine with having just one. I am not. Haha. I think that people that only have one partner ever are missing out. It's an amazing thing and I think people should share it with whomever they want and not let the idea of just "one for life" get in their way.
    • officegirl
      I always felt the way you do but I would also say that perhaps we have missed out on the depth of relationship that can only come from being exclusive. Oh I have a good husband and a good life but my unwillingness to commit entirely to one person is part of the reason I had to wait until I was in my 50s. I like what you write about "sharing" which would apply to us as well as our husbands/boyfriends. But factors like jealousy and guilt are so real as well so it becomes a trial as well as a joy.
  • i have ... but i wish i hadn't ... so NO!
  • No, I'm an educated and religious person.
  • I have heard that multiple partners can lead to cervical cancer. Of course, I forget exactly how these things are linked-sorry about that. Overall, it's always a bit of a health risk.
    • officegirl
      I would point out that from a health risk standpoint there is no completely "safe" sex even if we follow all the rules and do all we can to prevent that. But for those of us who enjoy group activity it is mostly - it is for us worth the risk. Or we would not be doing it. I think good personal health that promotes a strong immune system is very important. Should mention I have not contracted anything (at least that I know about - smile!) since the early 1980s.
  • Yes, if you and your partner are mature and liberated enough and enjoy the experience, and I must admit that my boyfriend and I are very sexually liberated. In fact, he enjoys seeing me and I enjoy having sexual activity with several males at once. But then again, we're both very sexually liberated, enjoy sex, and our relationship sexually and spiritually is very different than most.
    • officegirl
      OK but I don't think we have to be "liberated" or "mature" to enjoy more than one partner. That comes pretty naturally. Its how we deal with the consequences. My husband allows me to see others (as I do him) but I would not want him just using me for porn for himself. Because that is selfish. I think couples should really want one another to have as great a time as possible with others. Even if they do have to learn to handle our own natural jealousies.
  • With rosy Palm and her five sisters? OK with other people? no
  • If you mean at the same time, then i would say no.. its an organizational nightmare (or can be). However if you mean over your lifetime the answer is more complex. More partners increases risk of STD's and emotional turmoil. On the other hand less partners opens you to less experiences and you may not know what you're missing out on. It's a personal choice. Having said that it must suck to be locked into a relationship with someone who can't press your buttons, even if you aren't truely aware of the lack.
    • officegirl
      Hi may I comment on your answer? I taught my husband how to "press my buttons" before we married because I liked him so much and it was like I had waited for him all my life and I wanted everything to be good. The trouble is he kept doing just like I showed him which was great for me but he was doing it for me and he never developed his own approach to me that took the way he is into account. So that worked for a few years but then he became less and less interested because he was not getting as much for himself as I was. Now we still love each other and are good friends and enjoy being with each other but seldom engage in sex anymore - at least with each other. He has another woman (married) that he sees weekly while I am with her husband or other men. I have always been open to being with men which is doubtless the main reason I waited until in my 50s before I married. I have enjoyed my life and would not trade it for anyone's but I do think having one partner over a long period of time is its own strength and can lead to a depth of connection that I never have and never will experience.
  • I would not recommend it mostly because sex is usually mixed with some participation ot the feelings and it is quite complicated to manage this. But if you feel like doing it, give it a try. Warning: it could eventually threaten an existing relationship. And of course, it should be safe sex. (Check the medical issues)
    • officegirl
      Yes. I love my husband but do find myself thinking about some of the men I play with which makes me feel guilty. That is something we have to get used to if we so engage ourselves.
  • Try it at least once before deciding if its right or wrong. I enjoy group sex with male and the odd female so give it a go.
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  • I'm very happily married, but am in an open marriage. Me and my husband are very happy with the choice we've made, and that's for me to be allowed to engage in sexual relations with multiple sex partners. It turns me and my husband on. My husband doesn't exactly care for sleeping with other woman, but I'm trying to get him to do so because it turns ME on. The question is SHOULD anyone practice this, and the answer is it's up to the people or married couple, and what THEIR boundaries are as a couple sexually.
    • officegirl
      It doesn't bother you your husband might be just using you for porn? I guess I'm not turned on at all by seeing or thinking of mine with someone else. But I would feel terribly guilty if he did not have and feel the same freedom he gives me. Even though it has led to his preferring sex with her.
  • yeah, unless you have stds.
  • Ive been involved with multiple partners on occasion. orgies sometimes
  • Ive had 2 girls and a man suck me off at the same time. It is fun so yes it is ok
  • Most people do with more than one person so I guess you mean group sex? I have and it has mostly been quite amazing as well as done wonders for how I feel about myself. I've never been beautiful or pretty or anything like that but five or six men all wanting to be with me has always made me feel beautiful. To say nothing of the Os I can have if they are the right people and take time with me. Sometimes has been spontaneous and just happened but mostly I have found works best with men who have had experience with that kind of situation and are comfortable with it. Often they are swingers. There are customs and rules that govern group play and for it to be best usually must be organized with rules set out so you can just be yourself and enjoy. Which takes a certain amount of logistics - inviting the men, setting up the venue, having someone who knows what he is doing to run it. So planning is important but too much of it can kill the play because guys need to be themselves and express themselves and get their own enjoyment. Guess I don't have to say that your husband or boyfriend have to be not just OK with it but have to want you to have the best time with it possible for it to work. Sometimes with husband or boyfriend it has been great but I think for me has been better without them as they can have mixed and contradictory feelings watching you with them. And if you are too much thinking OK I wonder what he is thinking now - well you won't be able to let go and enjoy as much. But most of us I think do start with them but they often don't have the right kind of experience to run it. So for just inviting a couple of guys you know OK but anything larger I would say needs to be more organized and well-run. Most swingers clubs have someone you can hire and they will even find men for you but a lot of the time they are more out to make money than really make it good for you so you have to be careful. Once you get to know the right people through experience you will have a base of men from which to draw and they will know other people etc. So it can be great but take care - can be addictive too and especially if you have not much else going in your life you look forward especially to them and you want them more and more just because they make you feel so good. So I would advise not indulging too often but balancing it well with other parts of your life - husband, kids, work, interests, helping others etc.
  • I've had 5.
  • At the same time or over the course of your life?

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