• marijuana being illegal when alcohol is not. i mean i think they both should be legal and we as people need to be responsible when indulging. +5
  • Family Law.
  • The "three-strikes" law. I think it should be two strikes: if someone becomes a repeat offender (the second strike), it shows that rehabilitation doesn't work on them, so why give them an additional chance? Committing crimes isn't the same as playing baseball, so why have a law that treats criminal activity like a game?
  • Well this ones hard for me to answer, but the set of laws I question the most are the Drug laws, mainly the ones involving pot, but honestly I question them all, the government should never arrest people for victimizing themselves.
  • yeah the deadly drugs like tobaco that kill over 100,000 a year in the uk alone are sold every wear and alcohol that makes people violent costs billions in hospital bills and police work are sold on every street weed= no trouble no deaths ex makes every one chill and less than 1% of the deaths that smokeing causses and 99% less addictive but you get locked up
  • I agree with IcySilver
  • Murphy's Law
  • Someone who breaks into your home and if they get injured they can prosecute you.
  • There are very many laws that I question and quite a few I consider downright wrong.
  • The law of gravity as it is written.
  • Mich. v Duke 266 US 576 US Supreme Court "Sate police power extends only to immdiate threats to public safety, health, and welfare." that pretty much cover every law that effects our indivudual rights.
  • Only one. This law was iniated way back in the 1800's. "When crossing a bridge, everyone must yield to a buggy being pulled by a horse". Was their idea here to avoid a collision with pedestrians? who knows. Its still on the books.
  • -Cattle rustling is punishable by hanging. Mississippi -It is illegal to gargle in public places. Louisiana -It is illegal to spit on the steps of the opera house. New Mexico. It is illegal to catch fish with your bare hands. Kansas Hundreds of these:
  • There are PLENTY that I question, and frequently. +5
  • Mich v Duke 266 US 576 US Supreme Court " State police power extends only to immediate threats to public safety, health, and welfare." That pretty much covers every indivudual right that has, or is bing stripped away under color of law. Mugler v Kansas 123 US 623, 659-60 US Supreme Court "Our system of goverment, based upon the individuality and intellegence of the Citizen, the state does not claim to controll him, except as to his conduct to others, leaving him the sole judge as to all that affects himself." So there are too many to list.
  • 2nd Answer: In Lexington, Kentucky its a violation of law to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket. Someone, please tell me why?

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