• That is the kind of love a parent and child would have. Unconditional love means just that. No conditions. You love them no matter what. +5
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    • Mr PantsFellDown
      ...what do these numbers mean?
  • Love no matter what they do....
  • The love I have for my son.
  • Pecks and Austinius said it the love a parent and child (should, as some dont deserve children)feel is unconditional
  • When your cat takes a crap on your pillow in the middle of the night and you don't kill it.
  • to love the reflection of ourselves in others and not to twist them in our image but to give the most without expecting anything in return...
  • When you come home from the worst day of work ever, tired and miserable and looking like you just crawled out from under a rock-and there to great you is your sweet, lovable dog/cat, staring at you with love and loyalty-and unconditional love! Your pets don't care what you look like, they're just glad you're home!
  • The only one I can count as unconditional could be for the creator, loving Him because of the love He have for his creation, wanting nothing in return, but not just feelings instead trying to find His will for ones own self and once found, acting according to His will.
  • What I feel and receive from my almost one year old son. It ends all too soon so I cherish it while I can. :o)
  • My children and my Dad :)+5
  • Loving someone because you love them period. Doesn't matter where they go or what they do or even if they love you back. You accept them as they are, boogers and all. You want what is best for them, even if that means letting them go.
  • It´s non-excistent. It´s part of a big dream world western society an religious fanatics live in. Every love has it conditions. You just put up with way more from your kids because you that you are the one that is responsible for them being there in the first place. That brings me to the point that love is sellfish: YOU wanted a semi-clone of yourself to see how good YOU do raising him. You cannot just deny it when it doesn´t go as planned because then you would have to admit failure to yourself. The only things we have are the thrive to be the best and te thrive to be liked. (because evolution needed that from us)
  • Love no matter what; Love that can not be influenced in any way by anything or anyone
  • when your puppies jump in the pool, and run outside to the biggest bare spot in the lawn, roll around in the dirt, spot you coming after them so they dart directly to nearest open door, and proceed to roll around on your freshly cleaned bed linens, and you dont know whether to laugh or cry,and you give them treats, to reinforce their delightful behavior. the end.
  • Love that is unaffected by conditions that may exist,sickness,better,worse
  • I know I'm going to get skewered for writing this, but I think that 'unconditional' love is a myth and undesirable kind of sentiment. If someone does something heinous to me, utterly cruel to others, there is no way that I will have the same feelings for them. I might still love the person they had been, but that's not a 'here and now' kind of live, a growing active love. It would be a lost feeling from the past. I can understand loving someone through terrible conditions, being forgiving in all things, but I also could envision some circumstances where I would feel that I've lost something that was precious to me.
  • Something that only exists in the ideological imagination of humanity.
  • The only love I would define as unconditional would be the of a parent for their child.
  • Oh that's when I leave all your panties stuck together, and the lettuce is left out on the sideboard so it's all brown, and your fish are dead cause i forgot to feed them (on purpose), and the toilet seat has peanut butter on it, and I slept with all 6 of your friends (even one of their dogs), yet still, you forgive me. (Chump.) ..Oh, can I have some money? I'll pay it back, I swear. *wipes hands on your skirt*
  • Love without conditions. for instance, I will love you no matter what you do, no matter what you say Nunya. for I place no conditions that you must fulfill in order for me to love you.
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    • Baba
  • A natural disaster.
  • I have given this much thought and decided I will love you unconditionally, under the following conditions: 1) You must be aware I exist (this one is unavoidable) 2) Your father will provide a dowry of $700 million, and sex will happen 6 times a week, though not with him 3) My half-witted brother will live in the eves, but promises to not make too much noise scurrying about as we try to sleep, and that giggling during sex is only natural, he swears 4) I do not actually have a half-witted brother, we adopted a Bush love child out of pity 5) Apple fig newtons and tea 6) we will hang around in comfy chairs wearing socks on thursdays 7) Love means never having to put the toilet seat down 8) Only kidding, what toilet seat? 9) my faithful cat, Captain Meow must approve of you, but he will. and finally 10) *signals to Paul Shaffer for some music* The year is 1983 and I am David Letterman, and our living room is the set, and yes that is Chris Elliot wearing a lamp shade.
  • Unconditional love doesn't exist. Even if it's your kid, if they drink the last Vanilla Coke in the fridge, they're done.
  • Agape love.
  • True love. It means loving someone without having expectations or limiting beliefs.
  • When a person and some animals like a dog for instance has unconditional love, it means they will always love you regardless of what has been done to them. They simply love with no strings attached and don’t expect anything in return. They want is best for your happiness. Unconditional love takes a pure loving heart. There is a certain user on here who thinks unconditional love is a dream world so they are denying what comes from the heart. Love is a genuine feeling from the heart towards another even when it’s unconditional. A heart that is strong and misunderstood by shallow minded people is a heart that can offer unconditional love.
  • Romans 5:6 For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. 7 For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. 8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

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