• if i have an exam tomorrow.........i can get to deep sleep before even you can wink your eye !
    • Zara Zoey
      I used to then dream of sitting in the exam hall and taking papers.
  • Normally it can take 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep once you climb into bed (this is also known as sleep latency). If it takes more than a hour then you may have sleep onset insomnia. When you fall on bed close eyes and if things are coming in mind then think deeply on one topic and concentrate after that you also dont know how you slept.
  • This depends on the person.
  • It depends on which professor is lecturing.
  • When my thyroid is low (like now) it takes about 5 minutes. When it is at a normal level, I sleep 5-6hours a night and feel wonderful. Still waiting for the higher dose to really kick in. It is changing very slowly. I miss not being tired. At least my hair stopped falling out, well almost completely.
  • Taking care of my elderly mother, I hardly ever reach said state. Sometimes my sister fills in, that's when I take some of Mom's 100mg Trazodone to pull my bliss all-nighter. :P
  • depends on the person

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