• i would say i have quite a bit of spirit!! lol! i love to participate and party!! ;D
  • *jumpin up n down*.....I love it...
  • Yes, I am on the Pep Squad, WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If I can spend a half a minute to wish anyone good and know I am contributing to some tiny joy in their day, I'm thrilled. What a little effort to be repayed in such a great payoff. I love it.
  • I like to congratulate people in comment threads, not questions. I was downrated so many times for my congratulatory submissions to questions that I stopped doing it.
  • Enjoy it mostly with a lot of AB members with a few exceptions. I will join the community spirit on these exceptions when they go on a descending spiral.
  • Yes..with a caveat. I may not know the person who is being celebrated but I need to know the person who asked the question. Otherwise I pass! :)
  • it depends on who is doing the invite.i saw something the day that i thought was interesting.someone was bringing attention to another member and the information was inncorrect.i thought this was odd and made me think the "inviter" was point whoring.
  • Such "questions" have nothing to do with "community spirit" and are all about point-grubbing. I decline to participate in such bold-faced greed.
  • My spirit isn't what it once was, I admit. I do like congratulating those who I have made friends with when they have done well and when they lasted another year in this life, or when something big is going on with them. There is nothing more heartwarming then getting a pat on the back from your friends when your feeling on top of the world.
  • Nope!!!......just joking, I love to congratulate people,I am a giver rather than a taker, I have given points and had none received, it doesn`t matter :)
  • I like it here. Mostly, I only look for unanswered questions in the "Expert" and "Religion" sections. I enjoy the research and get a nice feeling when anyone places a comment to my answer. Shows that my work was at least read by someone.
  • +5 a big 10 4 good buddy !!
  • I like to participate if it's someone who is an AB friend or someone I enjoy seeing here. There has been much criticism over the time I've been here about how it's all for points. Can't deny that some people get hundreds of points for these congratulatory questions. One suggestion that was made, and I think should have been put in place, is to have a bulletin board type feature that shows when a person reaches a new level or an AB anniversary. This way we can congratulate people without being accused of doing it for points.
  • I like to think i have a good community spirit, i like to congratulate fellow ABers on all their hard work and/or celebrations plus the fact i just love a good party :D
  • Yes I enjoy Congratulating people when they have achieved something on Answerbag or in real life. It is nice being able to share a part of peoples happiness and hopefully make them feel a little better.
  • I'm always ready to cheer people on!!
  • I love my AB people & enjoy celebrating with those that I interact with.

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