• telephone!! I can live without seeing strangers on TV, but I need to keep in touch with my living friends and family who live far away!
  • I think human communication trumps Oprah.
  • The telephone and now this ...
  • My kid doesn't cry when I turn off the telephone. I vote phone.
  • Seeing drivers everywhere talking on their "phones", I'm inclined to say the television.......which led to another "great" invention: the couch potato......
  • Television
  • Definitely phone. I can communicate with so many people that I don't get to see, thats way more important to me than TV.
  • a phone is the correct answer, you'll need it alot in different kind of cases and situations, even know i love the tv , the answer here is the phone
  • but you know i was thinking and im like no the phone is becuz it is a hard invention to come up with you know? talking trough somthing??>....?? but if you are talking the greatest invention, (invention) thennn it would probley be the tv, beacuz making somthing like a camrea' actually recording things picture how you could come up with that! wow! and then the techno. to put it into the tv and watch it in color or non-color.. wow!
  • When I need 911 the telephone wins hands down; other wise they are both from the devil as far as I am concerned.
  • Television, I hate talking on the phone.

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