• Probably that only "bad" people were murdered. Truly innocent or decent folks were left alone. If you never gave the Mafia a real reason to bother you, they would always leave you totally alone. I'm still around, and I have known plenty of "them," personally. +5
  • it makes an offer you cant refuse
  • EVERYTHING! ITS AWESOME!.. but i can see why you would have to ask that, seeing as how many people don't care for it.. especially not in my age group. :-)
  • I was around when the first 'Godfather' movie came out. I think it was a good portrail of Mafia figures of the time. There may have been some exageration, but all in all it was fairly accurate.
  • The plot
  • I agree the plot was amazing but Don Corleone (Vito Corleone that is) hooked me on that movie. Just his story and how he built up a family business out of nothing really... makes you think.
  • Freedom, being above the laws of the government. It makes You hope that actually "what goes around comes around". Honor code. Power over life and death. Safety (relative). Receiving respect. Feeling of strong relations, large family with deep loyalty, of the ability to count on someone all the time in all (most) situations (not being just a hopeless person). Having a lot of money. Something exciting is happening. All those feelings transfer to the one watching the movie.

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