• I was told "I don't love you anymore. In fact I never have!" Gut punch! Wow! +5
  • I guess abandoning me when they know I need them...
  • Completely head over heels in love with a man... And suddenly he disappears. Won't talk to me. Won't answer his phone, email, anything. He dropped off the face of the planet instantly, and wouldn't say why... I was left wondering what on earth I could have done to make him hate me so suddenly. That's certainly left a mark... ~+~
  • When my first wife took the kids and left...and all the other things she did and said leading up to that, and afterwards. I remember one time laying in bed with her and her calling and talking to her boyfriend while she thought I was asleep. After making love, no less. There were other things...very massively painful indeed. It took me a long time to recover from all those events.
  • I had a good friend whom I helped with a lot of her problems. She was a devoted Christian in a very violent and abusive relationship and whenever her boyfriend used her as a punching bag I would let her stay at my place. I was always there for her, never rejected or turned her away. When she found out I was an atheist, she discontinued the relationship. Let's just say I felt very used and hurt. It was like I became a terrible person because I didn't believe in God. That was about 8 months ago and she hasn't spoken to me since and made it clear that my lack of religion was the reason why.
  • I honestly cannot remember such an occasion or circumstance. Either I have never experienced it or I've forgotten or I have blocked it from my memory. :)
  • My ex-girlfriend shit on my pillows, that sucked.
  • my mother told she regretted puting me in this world.... wow what a mom!!!
  • LOL. My family is Italian, it's just part of the territory. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

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