• Come to think of it, no. Then again, I never asked for help from a religous organiztion, so that may have soemthing to do with it.
  • Yes my Church and Priests have helped me a lot particularly through the death of my son.
  • No, but I've never sought it. Here's something I don't understand..all the people who stand by freeway ramps with signs that say "Homeless..please help..God bless you"...why don't they seek help from religious organizations? Why do they beg?
  • The leaders of my church have given my wife and I excellent support and great encouragement over the years.
  • No. In fact, quite the opposite. I found the people in the church I attended to be self-righteous, discriminatory, bullying, nosey, busy-bodies with a tremendous number of chips on their shoulders. I would not recommend it to anybody.
  • Yes, very much. I belong to a church that is very "other oriented" both for its own members and others in need. There was a time in my youth when I was helped greatly by the Salvation Army. You can laugh if you want, but it was a very bad time in my life and their help was greatly appreciated. I contribute often, now, to just to pay a little back. Thank you, brothers and sisters.
  • Surprisingly, no - it seems to me that religious organisations do provide a lot of help - but only to people within their flock - with the exception of the Salvation Army, and the Missions to Seamen.
  • Salvation Army- soup kitchen.
  • Of course not. They're not in the business of helping thy neighbor. They're only in the business of helping themselves and converting suckers so they can continue taking "donations" to help thesmelves
  • No, I have never been helped by a religious organisation. I have never asked for it though.

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