• Capital One debit card is what I use.
  • I use only debit cards. The 2 crdit cards I had I have surrendered. With a debit card we can buy things only when there is a credit balance in our savings accounts. The cost of whatever we buy is debited to the Savings account instantly. It is easier to resist temptations this way. And no paying of interest on credit purchases or other worries.
  • Cash only debit card. Some people see a sign at a gas station that offers gasoline for 30 cents a gallon less, IF you use their credit card. This is a myth. you may pay less at the time of the gas pumping, but check out the interest rate you are paying on a credit card for that same gallon of gasoline. its robbing Peter to pay Paul. I only use a debit card. this way, there are no hidden fees to face down the road. "Keeping up with hidden credit fees is really hard, this is why i only use my debit card". Wise old saying from yours truly.
  • I keep Visa debit only, don't want the card to end up owning me.
  • I've learned my lesson, and now only use cash or debit card.
  • Only debit card, except to order things online - in which case I pay it immediately using online banking.
  • I use cash, not for moral reasons, but because Visa and Discover have me blacklisted on the former A+ credit turned financial trainwreck top 10 180's of all time list.
  • Cash in full in advance ... ... I do not like the concept of 'buy now, pay later' ...
  • Yes, Visa, Masterdcard, Discover, Capital One, American Express, and also cash. I have great credit, and am careful with it!
  • I only have cash... No bank account, no credit debit cards, nada.
  • VISA and AMEX
  • I have Visa and AMEX. I use AMEX since is gives me 2% back for travel, 3% for restaurants, 4% for gas, and 1% for all other charges. I only use the card if I have the money. The card is for convenience and the cash back. It is always paid in full when the bill comes.
  • i have 2 debit cards, but i prefer cash. i have 1 credit card that is used for building credit which has probably 100-200 balance on it, which i pay double the minimum every month.
  • I've never had a credit or debit card and will hold out getting one as long as possible. If someone won't take cash or a good check - phooey on them.
  • I've 2 Mastercard Credit cards and 1 Visa debit card. I always pay by credit card. I turn the credit cards to my advantage: getting free use of their money for a month, and never having to pay any interest because I pay the bill on time. In fact, they pay me 1-2% of the amount I charged. +5
  • Never had a credit card! & will never have them!! false economy in my book!! I pay by cash or Debit card, the money comes right out of my bank accounts!! I have bought on finance but only on 0% rated. :-/
  • Cash please. Credit and debit card usage just cause the price of things to go up. (yes debit also, those fees the bank charges the retailer to run that card gets added to every purchase made)
  • charge now, pay later. its just my promise to pay...and since money has no backing...I dont really owe them anything.
  • I avoid using credit. It's a very slippery slope.
  • I've used them and they are evil!!! CUT 'EM UP!!! Cash only from then on!
  • 2nd Answer. If my wife and i cannot pay cash or use our debit card, we do not have the item. I realize that younger people and couples may not be as fortunate as us. that credit cards are the only way you can purchase important things you need. we have been there. the key is self-control with plastic. Only one card and pay the balance each 30 days. never pay just the interest. If you cannot afford to pay the credit card balance each month, you should not have a credit card. The card will eat you alive.

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