• I don't see that it's a big deal. If it's a college professor, all the students are 18+ and have likely said worse themselves.
  • Vulgarity is in the eye of the beholder. I could see a philosophy of religion professor starting off a class with "Buddah, Mohammed and Jesus walk into a bar..." and many students being offended, but it could in fact be a very though provoking start to an interesting class on comparative theology.
  • Nope! I remember my great teachers because they knew how to talk to us without being vulgar.
  • A man and woman are having a dinner date. Conversation turns into "Would you" type of questions. The man asks her, "For a million dollars would you sleep with a handsome stranger?". She said "Of course, in a heartbeat". Then he asks her, "For 10 bucks, would you sleep with a homeless guy?". She responds "No way. What kind of girl do you think I am?". He says, "Oh, I know what kind of girl you are; I'm just trying to find your price" Vulgar??? dunno ... but hearing that joke in a biblical studies class from the professor was pretty shocking ... and yeah ... i ell oh elled
  • Why would a professor NEED to use vulgar jokes? Surely his lectures would be both interesting and informative without having to denigrate themselves with telling vulgar jokes. Also the student should be respective of the professor, giving his precious time to the students, by offering a lecture.
  • They should be allowed to do anything they want. Then you in turn should be able to choose your college (of those that will accept you). This is the best contract.
  • My son is a college professor. I have never heard him use any word in my presence that could remotely be considered "vulgar". I, on the other hand, have sworn at the TV in his presence. Now, are you talking about graduate students or undergraduates? It makes a difference Suby. Undergraduates are sometimes there because their parents wanted them to be there. But graduate students..that is another situation entirely. It costs a lot of money and takes a great deal of dedication to be a graduate if the professor thinks a bit of vulgarity would lighten things up a bit I have no problem with it whatsoever! :)
  • No they shouldn't..having a laugh and a joke is one thing being vulgar is be honest the ones I have met have never needed to because they have respect from their students..people laugh at their witty comments anyway.. :D
  • Sure. When I was in graduate school, we had a professor who used foul language, but he was one of best professors in the college, so people tolerated him. He had a reputation and a half for both things. When I signed up for one of my first classes with him, he made a speech I will never forget, saying the Dean had made him clean up his act or he was history. I was kind of disappointed in a way, because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. He said,"I'm only allowed one cuss word and here it is---D....! Then we went on. I think college students can handle vulgar jokes so I say, let the professor run the class in whatever style he is most proficient in.
  • It is a vile and shallow person that has to stoop to such tactics to retain student attention, which reminds me, did you hear about the time we were in Tijuana and there was no your attention, did I?
  • I don't see any reason why a college professor would find it necessary to use vulgar jokes to retain attention of their students! If for some reason, it fit in with the lecture; I guess so since everyone is an adult, but I just don't see why there would be a reason!
  • they should promote good speaking and thinking qualitys and characteristics. if the student cant get the message, they should join the army and become the fodder they were created to be.
  • No. I had one who did and I laughed and he was really funny, but it did not help me to remember anything he was teaching. My mind was distracted by the vulgarity. +4
  • Methink if you are offended you should do what you are inclined to do.. "snitch".
  • No, if the students want to learn/pass they will listen to him/her no matter how boring he/she is.
  • It shows a lack of self-respect, and if the professor doesn't respect him or herself, how can he expect respect from the students? If the students fail, that is their choice. If they are disruptive, they should be removed. But a professor shouldn't have to stoop to a juvenile level to keep the attention of what should be young adults.
  • Well, I suppose the issue here is what is vulgar? We all have different ideas about what is a naughty/cheeky joke, and what is a vulgar joke. It's pretty subjective. I believe they should be allowed to make risqué jokes if the students do not object. If the students aren't bothered or offended then there is no harm. Of course, the professor must be careful to moderate his own jokes and ensure he does not cross a line. I suppose it is not at all professional, but professors get to know their students well. I am sure if they are intelligent enough to become professors then they are intelligent enough to understand when a comment may be appropriate and all fun and games, and when it may not. One would hope, anyway.
  • I never did that in 34 years of lecturing in a university.
  • They should be allowed, but discouraged. And a student should have the right to complain anonymously. Too many complaints should not be allowed.
  • Within the bounds of good taste and good sense, why not. Students and profs are all adults. +5
  • As a general rule - no. If they can be funny without being offensive or juvenile - why not.
  • honestly? sure why not? if it results in our children having an education becauce a professor has to resort to a bit of vulgar humour then im all for it

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