• Getting a new tattoo each year.
  • My mother- By keeping my hair grown out in a shaggy, unkempt bush. I'm surprised she hasn't ambushed me with the kitchen scissors yet. My father- By occassionally subjecting him to my nonsensical trains of thought. Listening to me think aloud would drive *Anyone* up the wall in short order.
  • LOL when I was little, I'd bring home any pathetic looking creature and say "awwwww can I keep it?" That drove my mom nuts.
  • I do it by sneaking out from midnight to 6 am at someone elses place. They dont like my friends and i purposely hang out with those 4 as much as i can. And not doing any housework. Im persoanlly driving my mother crazy by joking around that im gonna tell her boyfriend that she cheated on him one early sunday morning
  • When I was young ... not making my bed when I was a teen ... being dropped off by the police now I have grown up ... not going over enough ...
  • I tease my dad about being bald. He is. Ok wel nearly. And my mom I constantly remind het to do the ironing.
  • Its not an effort for most teenagers. it just happens naturally. Something to think about.............. One day, you will be in the same shoes as your parents. do you think your child will be asking this same question, about you? Think about it.
  • I pull my mom's grey hairs out. I tell her I'm helping her to look less old, but she get's mad every time I do it.
  • by being a successful and productive member of society. my mother spent most of my life telling me that I was worthless stupid and dirty (the actual words she used varied but a general sense of badness was implied) Now it upsets her that I am more sucessful more happy and more respectable than she has ever been.
  • i call my dad budha belly
  • I, and my brother, used to drive mum crazy by playing pun games with dad at the dinner table. She could never play them....
  • I tell my mom i have a tat on my asss ;) and I constantly ask my dad questions while hes napping. lmao
  • By isolating myself when I'm unhappy. Though it isn't often, all parents want to be able to protect and help their child despite how old they may be.
  • I drove my parents crazy by behaving and doing what they wanted be to do, they paid a hooker to get me drunk and laid. We split the money and had a fun time getting drunk.
  • Oh no! You can't blame that on me! They were like that when I arrived!
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