• anything he wants,bless the little trooper.
  • Anything and everything. That is one very tough experience for a child to understand too. May God bless him with a long happy and healthy life hereafter.
  • The boy is probably the best one to answer that, but I would look into something that would preoccupy the time he has to spend on the bed recovering. Also, ideally it would be something that has educational value in addition to entertainment. I imagine he is falling behind in school because of his condition. I think a laptop might be nice if he doesn't have one, but of course those don't come cheap, and then there's the software on top of that. An electronic book would be more affordable, but less versatile.
  • Wow...anything he wants. Hope all is well now.
  • Something to keep his mind active such as a PSP or something like that, something educational tho.
  • That is amazing! Congrats on overcoming that huge hurdle! :) It would be up to him, but why not surprise him? I'm sure he's always said he wanted to go somewhere to have fun before, like a carnival or amusement park,or camping??
  • The new Nintendo DS with some Pokemon games:) And a new Wii so he can play Guitar Hero:):):) God Bless son is 10 and thats what he likes:):)
  • A savings bond to be used for his college education. Time to firmly focus on the future! :D
  • a congradulations your done wit chemo card. get him a puppy, absolutely bullet proof.
  • A hat to cover his bald little head. Make it big and flashy and fun to wear. It is going to be a little while until his immune system gets back up to speed and he's safe to be out and about without worry of catching something. He is still going to be weak and easily tired and not want to do much. But I think an IOU for the fun activity of his choice, whether an amusement park or a camping trip or what have you for as soon as he feels well enough to enjoy it would be a great present.
  • A Gold Sherrif's Star, an Air soft pistol, A White Cowboy hat and a Garth Brooks CD...and tell him to go catch himself an outlaw!
  • SIMPLY A FAMILY VACTION TO WALT DINSEY WORLD IS IN ORDER.!!!!!!!!!(OR SEA WORLD OR UNVIRSEAL STUIDOS, or a trip to grand cayon ) AND A NEW PUPPY, but anything I pretty sure he would just want to stay home and sleep in his own bed,in his new pj's , free of tubes and wires etc etc etc.
  • a wig.
  • If he lives nearby, giving him your time would make his day. How about a little fire power demo with the M1 off the back porch? When I was 9 and ill, the greatest gift was my school teacher coming to see me.
  • I've read the other answers on here and depending on what price range you can do I would think that a laptop would be a great idea. Since he will be spending a great deal of time inside recovering it will preoccupy him as well as be educational and fun for him. I truely wish the best for this little man and may angels be on his pillow every night. He has been through what no one should ever be, especially a child.
  • a huge hug and than pretty much anything he wants (surely he must have a favourite something.....)
  • a bike 2 encourage exercise (in small doses obviously)
  • His favorite meal, and a trip to the local video arcade with all his friends. I know after I got over the last round of nausea all I wanted was a stuffed Chikcen Marsala from the Olive garden. Though that may not specifically be this kid's favorite meal.
  • go to the pet store and get him a nice puppy, he'll love that

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