• being polite, its a social curtosy to people you havent met or barely know. It shows good character and good upbringing.
  • Makes life run more smoothly...and also gives you a good reputation...and that never hurts.
  • I always believe in the saying: action speak louder than words.Your action tells people how you think. It is difficult dealing with those having no manners or concern for others.For:"respect, care, and consideration" Good question. Thanks:--)
  • Show respect, get respect.
  • I know for me personally, if I meet someone and they have horrible manners, I actually find it disgusting and I don't really have much respect or think highly of them.
  • So that we can treat others in the SAME manner that we want others to treat us ...
  • Manners set a standard that we can all live by, and that makes it a lot more pleasant to interact with one another, and also cuts down on the misunderstandings that can come about when two people have completely different ideas of what it is to have good manners. Have you never noticed that sometimes people from two different cultures offend each other without meaning to? It's not because they don't have any tact, it's because their concept of manners is defined by their culture and as far as they know, they're behaving in the most polite way possible.
  • Manners distinguishes us from other animals. To show a lack of manners is inexcusable.
  • To receive manners.
  • To help prevent fights from breaking out for the littlest of reasons.
  • Not everyone owns a gun.
  • they cost nothing but pay dividends
  • No point if you dont want respect in return....Give and take respect
  • At a gut level manners help us to not cause other's embarrassment. They set a standard of behaviors, by which we may help set others at ease in any situation.
  • Some people make you wonder why you are being polite to them! I think there will always be people that are polite and friendly or even polite but actually unfriendly and people who do not seem to care at all, about well, almost anything. I look at those people being unable to express their feelings. I mean if you cannot even think of what someonelse might feel when you are swearing your ass off in front of toddlers in the grocery store than you are just inconsiderate and probably put your brains in a jar, because they were too heavy to carry around.
  • Only to ensure that others keep a good impression of you.
  • Manners maketh man. It's tradition. Without it people would have been greeting themselves with a step on the foot. ;)
  • cause it makes others uncomfortable when you dont

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