• san francisco. it may be on the expensive side to live in the bay area but its worth it because there is just everything to do there
  • Cleveland. I love living here.
  • Nashville, Tennessee. apparently most people, including movie stars, country singers, and illegal immigrants think so. they are moving to Nashville by the thousands. Nashville is a diverse metropolitan city with almost one million residents and climbing. the weather has the natural four season changes, the sun shines more here than Florida, and the crime rate is below the national average for a big city. Nashville has some of the best hospitals in the nation, including Vanderbilt. We have everything a west coast city has, except an ocean and we have three gorgeous, beautiful lakes to take its place. Souther women are gorgeous and true knockouts. Nashville is one of the top 10 cities, in which to live. Oh yes, there is nothing like a country christmas, at Opryland.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas - Way to go.
  • Atlanta, GA - it's no more than a 2.5 hour plane ride to 70% of the US population
  • Europe?
  • Seattle is cool. It's pretty chill here, and there's some amazing sights. Besides, if you love coffee, Seattle is a great place to be.
  • Springfield Mo.
  • I've been a resident of very few so I'll say Litchfield Park, AZ.
  • Honolulu
  • It depends on what you're looking for and who you are. If you're a city person, I'd go with Philadelphia, but some love NYC or Chicago. If you're a more rural person, there's just about anywhere in the midwest of south. If you fall somewhere in bewteen, a city like Salt Lake or Nashville are nice. It's going to depend on the geographical features you want, the career you have, the kind of family life you're looking for, the climate you like, and so much more.
  • Not the one I live in... :o(
  • Lincoln Neb - low cost of living, good paying jobs, relatively low crime. Safe living.
  • Providenc, RI. It has it all, history, cool universities (Brown, RISD, Johnson & Wales, PC), lively nightlife, waterfires, theatre, and 40 minutes from the best beaches on the Atlantic!

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