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  • I dont think it is cheatin and i have watched it with past ex's and watch it myself... depends on the person i guess. i dont see it as dirty just mind expandin and can pick up a few tricks hehehe
  • I wouldnt exactly call it cheating...but yeah I would have a problem with my man watching porn unless he's watching it with me.
  • Do I? :) I don't get self-conscious, nor do I believe it is cheating.
  • I may get a little bit self-conscious, but I don't think it's cheating. I've done it myself. And I've watched it with him too. It can be fun.
  • if he watched it in preference to having sex with me I would worry but not otherwise.
  • I don't think its cheating and I don't think that I would mind, none of my boyfriends watched a lot of porn while I was around, though. I think some women might feel inadequate when they compare themselves to a porn star and might feel like their s/o is watching porn because they're not enough to make him happy. And some women are intimidated by porn, we're taught that we should kept our sexuality zipped up tight and again not knowing how to be the sexual being that our man desires makes us feel like shit. Like most things it's not that they're angry with you but feel insecure and lash out to make themselves feel better.
  • Thought I'd give my opinion on here seeing as how I found out how much my boyfriend was watching porn recently. First off, I don't think porn is cheating. If a girl says so, then she must be very insecure about herself and the relationship. Porn, in moderate amounts, can be healthy for a relationship. Women are always badgered about how we don't want to have sex because we are stressed, tired, or whatever. Porn gives the men an outlet when they need to indulge that doesn't involve bugging their girls. To me, it's better than them going to find another girl. (Think about that, girls.) I say this now after I managed to calm all my insecurities after I found out and really think about it. When I first found out that my boyfriend was watching porn just about every day, I got upset. Some of those days, I realized, were days when we had sex. It was like a jab at my self-esteem, and it hurt that he wasn't completely satisfied with me. This, of course, wasn't the case. He merely chose a different outlet since he knew I probably wouldn't want to, and that I probably didn't want to be bugged about it. Women who feel the need to call it cheating need to take a deep breath and really think about it. It could be so much worse. He could feel the need to go out and find himself a hooker. Instead, he chooses to watch something on a screen. I'll admit that I was insecure at first and it does still bother me a tad, but I've accepted it as a natural part of his life. Therefore, it's a small part of mine and I keep my mouth shut about it. And let me tell you, that was difficult since I find porn to be a turn off. Hope this helps!
  • I don't care if someone does this, but if it is an addiction I'm gonna bolt.
  • Whatever floats your boat Yo...but can I have your credit card while you watch Debbie Do Dallas for the 700th time:):):)
  • Women who think that way really should just give up and accept it because there is no way they can always watch their S/O to make sure he never watches it. And, besides, it's just fantasy. It doesn't reflect on them any.
  • Trick question. In it, it implies that every female thinks that it is cheating. You have to bear in mind how girls and boys are raised. Women are taught to be saints and that sex is dirty. Men on the other hand are taught to be studs...enough said on that one. Women have a harder time with things concerning sex, depending on how sheltered they were when they were growing up. Communication becomes a big problem in that respect. Men bring up the idea, and if the woman isnt receptive at first then he does it behind her back. Now he may not think that he is doing it behind her back, but in woman logic he is, because he is more than likely chooseing a time to do it when she is otherwise occupied. It takes a lifetime for someone to learn about sexuality. There are so many things to do and try. A couple needs to talk to explore those avenues together. A common mistake that I see men make is that they just complain to buddies about things that bug them about sex with their s/o. The need to be talking to the s/o!!! I made a promise to myself that my husband would never complain about me when it came to sex. Sence then we have grown alot over the years. So you want her to watch porn with you. There are many different types of porn out there. Just talk to her. Chose a gay one with a plot if you have to, to get her to start. GB and DP vids may not be the ones that she is willing to go for at first. And if she likes anime, then try some of those kinds of porn. I love those myself, but only because I am a dom at heart. Ok, I know I was very long winded, but it isnt cheating. The guy in question just needs to swallow pride and talk to her about what he wants and likes regarding sex.
  • Porn is such a non-issue in our house. But if my husband indulged in porn when he could have been having sex with me, then yeah.....I'd have a big problem with that, and I would be sure he knew exactly how I felt about it. It isn't insecurity, it's standards on how I am to be treated. I had ample discussions with him about this before we ever married, and we agreed. So, it's a non-issue. +5
  • I don't. In fact, I probably watch more porn than my husband. It is not an addiction or an everyday or even every week thing but sometimes it can be fun. Now and then we will go hire a movie and they always have that section separate in the video stores so one of us closes our eyes and the other one spins them around and then the one with the eyes closed picks a movie at random. We have watched some odd stuff because of this and got a laugh out of it. Although the one time we picked a gay male tape my husband wouldn't watch, the chicken!
  • Most of the girls in them have perfect bodies, boobs and private bits...then they perform acts we wouldnt think of doing or may not want to do. Maybe girls think that we have to live up to all those expectations and if we dont you will go hunting for someone who does.
  • Most girls don't think about it in depth. The knee jerk reaction is, porn is bad...If he's watching it then he's not satisfied with me. Same thing with strip clubs. You have these nice looking women to look at, and we're scarred that you'll look at us and judge us badly for not looking like them, or have to fantasize about some other girl when you have sex with us. And, I'll use a quote that I loved that had nothing to do with porn... If you do anything with another girl that you don't want to tell me about, it's cheating. Porn girls aren't actually there, but in your mind they are. When you date us, you become ours sexually. If you need to masturbate instead of coming to us, we feel jealous and betrayed that your body didn't belong to us for those few minutes. Not that any of this in conscious. There's more to it to that. Sexual mores for girls are different from boys, individual cases and experiences, women are built to be jealous creatures in todays' society...etc
  • Cheating my ass... OI! If I watch A movie were is a lot of blasfemy is that against my religion?
  • It isn't cheating... per se. However. Many men (not necessarily the minority, but more than men would like to think) watch it so often, and are so conditioned by porn that real, honest to god women who wouldn't consider or couldn't do a lot of the things in porn simply aren't a turn on anymore. Men can become conditioned to only be aroused by porn, or by a certain set of circumstances in porn. Many women are threatened by porn because... well, when's the last time you saw porn that involved a harried mother of two complete with stretch marks (from the children she conceived with said husband) and wrinkles, or with an off hair day, an extra five pounds... It sets up unrealistic expectations that many, if not most, women can not live up to. Nor should we have to. Also, it sets men up to think that any woman will be ready and willing at any moment, when the truth is that some days, *life* simply gets in the way. Some days, we are too tired, some days, we are too stressed, or the baby won't sleep. So, instead of understanding that sometimes it simply won't happen, men will turn to porn to get this want satisfied (and no, don't claim it's a need). That's disheartening for the woman who sees it happen time and time again. It tells us you don't understand that we are people, not sexual objects, and if we don't give it, on your timetable, you'll get it elsewhere, even if it's only on the computer. Hence why it feels like cheating to many women. There's a lot more to it, but I'd have to write a book before I could get it all across.
  • I don't think it's cheating to a degree. My partner now isn't really interested, he prefers real life. I hve always said though, if you want to watch porn, I'll watch it with you.
  • its not cheating but it pisses them off. especially if you can get what you want from them... then they just get mad cus they dont get wtf thats about like they arent good enough for you
  • It wouldn't bother me. Think it would have when I was much younger, but not now. I know it does not mean a man is cheating. I also know it does not mean he is wanting another woman. I understand now more the reasons for a man watching it, & I do sometimes myself. +5
  • it is not cheating but women feel odd when her boyfriend or husband watching porn and feel that the women in porn are beautiful compare to themselves.
  • IT IS CHEATING!... and if you don't believe me, I challenge you to go a month without it! Or, if you really want to prove me right, give me a negative rating on this answer!
  • As my husband always says: "I don't care who pumps up the tires as long as I get to ride the bike."
  • I think its couse your getting pleasure out of something other then her. Getting off to something other then her. Fantasize about porn stars possibly too and that thought makes feel not as good
  • ...Hmm, I think the page would be flipped. First off, most women dont actually like porn, they get nothing out of it...infact its a turn off more than a turn on. Now say that was the didnt like it, cuz it was mainly directed twords women...all this C*ck and sexy guys...with ugly women...these dudes with huge hard throbbing d*cks...and she would sneak off and be lookin at all these fine attractive men...jerkin off, and lookin all good...and f*ckin these chicks who they dont even raelly pay attention to, its mostly focused on the guys...then she goes to sleep with you. ...I wouldnt say its selfconscious... ...its just ..."lame?"... ...B-sides, I do not find it all.
  • I don't think it's cheating!lol!I get more irritated if he watches sci-fi movies!
  • don't have a prob with boyf watching it. it can b handy when ur not in the mood & occasionally i'll watch it with him altho don't quite share his love 4 lesbians
  • Because it makes us feel like we aren't satisfying you so you have to turn to other women.
  • i dont care personally, id watch it with him.. but, some girls care because they need attention, and they get jelous that he's looking at other women naked + feel like it should be them they're looking at
  • I have to admit I have a fair size porn collection, but it isn't mine. I never bought a single one of gf did...and yeah she uses them when I am not there sometimes too. It's not a big part of our relationship, but sometimes we enjoy a porno to spice things up. It's not a big deal really. I could probably browse or surf porn right now and my gf would probably lean over and ask me to find some big tits. We're very much in love and have been for many years. We have a great sex life and still have a lot of fun together. Our relationship is strong because we trust one another. There's nothing wrong if one of us decides to have a little "alone" time though. Neither of us can understand why women think of it as cheating!? If cheating in the mind is a crime well then I guess we are all guilty of murder, theft, and a million other atrocities much worse than playing nekkid crisco twister with a midget in a batman mask or some other adult content material. I have had a friend or two and even some relatives that check their men's email, surf history etc. They have their hubby/bf hand over passwords! IF the guy gets busted watching porn it's big trouble! Maybe even divorce. To me that just seems like insecurity. If someone is gonna cheat they are gonna cheat and no amount of control or entrapment is gonna stop them. Women shouldn't be jealous over this kind of stuff, it sours a relationship. And a marriage or relatiosnhip is just that, it's an mutual agreement, not sole ownership over another person. If your mate masturbating and/or seeing someone else nude can wreck your relationship and sex life, well I guess it wasn;t very strong to begin with.
  • I suppose it depends on the situation. When I first discovered that my husband watches porn I didn't think too much of it. I didn't think too much of it at all actually, until I realized that 90% of the time, he wouldn't have sex with me unless he had recently watched some porn. I didn't know he was addicted to porn. He would wait till I left to go to the restroom, and get as much porn in during the 5 minute absence as possible. We had so many fights. Admittedly I do have astonishingly low self esteem. I don't equate porn to cheating, but it does hurt my self esteem to come back from the restroom and see my husband frantically closing tab after tab of perfect little 18yr olds. Aside from all that, porn in moderation is at worst a little uncomfortable. Eventually we stopped fighting about it so much and were able to talk about it. I was able to tell him how it makes me feel when he watches, and he said one thing to me that made me feel much better. He said, " My whole life I have been told look, but do not touch, it's hard for me to accept that I can't look or touch now."
  • It's cheating if it's something our girlfriend considers cheating. That doesn't mean she's *reasonable* to consider it cheating. I don't care what Love watches, 99% of the time. He's mostly watching it for comedic value, though. I think where it becomes cheating is when you're preferring it over your girlfriend. When the girlfriend/wife is away, watch all the porn you want. When she's home, though, I don't get why you'd watch it alone.
  • I don't have any problems whatsoever if he watches porn, neither does he when I watch it. :) For me it has nothing to do with cheating. Masturbation is a very healthy thing! I would worry more if he didn't watch it.
  • Sex to a woman is like music to a tone-deaf person... they're inequipped to encounter it as it actually is, so they decide it must be about something they CAN encounter. In the case of music, the tone-deafer imagines "music" IS WORDS (because sound eludes him) *frown* And to a women - who inherently don't get that sex is merely about body parts & orgasms - they decide sex must be about EMOTIONS!!! *frown* ..So they don't want you watching porn because they think you're having an emotional experience with another woman (and that this is akin to bonding and 'loving'). *frown* (Yep. They don't even know it's just an orgasm, something you crank off almost daily in the shower, and it means not much more than the dump you have to squeeze out daily too (ok, a tadpole more) (unless its a really big dump, than we feel pride at what we 'birthed' but that's another subject..

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