• I scoured the internet and more than a few of my books on Greek mythology and found.... nothing. Apparently, Achilles was not important enough to have a symbol/totem. At least, not that modern scholars are aware of. This is not surprising, though, since symbols were usually reserved for immortals - and even then, generally only the prominent ones such as the Olympian gods. Although Achilles' mom was the goddess Thetis, Achilles himself was mortal. Although she had tried to make him invulnerable by dipping him into the river Styx, she missed his heel that she was holding him by. He died during the Trojan War after being hit in that heel. While his name has stayed famous due to its usage in the phrase "Achilles' heel" (meaning someone's vulnerable spot), I would not characterize it as his "symbol." On another note, I originally believed you had mischaracterized Achilles by calling him a demigod (since he was not immortal). However, you are right. While demigod is often used to refer to a minor god, the term can also refer to a man who's parents include a mortal and a god(dess).
  • First of all achilles was a hero and second who greek hero had a totem or something like that?
  • The Shield of Achilles is the most known symbol for achilles in his fight vs Hector written by Homer in the Illiad
  • Achilles was not dipped in the river Styx as many people believe that was a story made up by a guy named Statius in the first century A.D. No greek scholar ever even references him being invulnerable (that includes Homer people). Even on greek vases with pictures of Achilles death it shows him with spears in the body not the heel. As for the symbol I would have to say that if your eally looking for something I would say The Sheild of Achilles would be your best idea, however he did not have a formal symbol.
  • He didn't have a totem. But all his countrymen originated from ants - or Zeus in the form of an ant. Their name, the Myrmidons, means "ant-people" or "hive-people" So if you want to create one, an ant might be a good choice.

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