• Here's a good one for you. On July 30, my 28 y/o daughter took a prescribed anti-anxiety drug, then smoked a joint, then did some heroin. It f.....d her up good. She passed out and wasn't found for about 8 hours. While being treated in the ER she coded for 16 minutes. She spent the next 5 days in a coma, is still in the ICU and is receiving daily dialysis. We're very thankful that she didn't die, even though she may never walk again. I'd really hate to see that happen to you.
  • Acid or shrooms will give you a pretty good high for the money you will spend in them.
  • i agree with nomad i ate just an 8th of some shrooms i got for 30 bucks and drank a 12 pack tripped balls with rowdy visuals and weird hearing of sounds for like 8-9 hours. sometimes when i used to pop xanax id get bars(2 milligrams) about 8-9 of em and take em with bout roughly 10 beers get fucked up all night and wake up still feelin sumwhat barred out and refreshed plus id smoke the next morning out of my vaporizer and get chanked!! my drug of choice is weed but since i dont consider it a drug i fux with them shrooms but beware if the circumstances aren't right u could def have a bad trip.
  • Cheap wine, just keep drinking!
  • And people wonder why society is failing.

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