• 1. People don't necessarily judge you as harshly as you think they do. 2. If you like something that most other people aren't interested in, there's nothing wrong with that. (Example: You love to read; everyone else thinks it's a waste of time.) 3. It's OK to be yourself. 4. Learn to listen in a conversation, rather than always trying to be the one who's talking.
  • I wish my parents had taught me at an early age about financial matters and the importance of self discipline in saving. Pay yourself first.
  • I wish that my parents and educators had told me that a career in science, medicine, programming or mathematics is what I should have spent my money on for my first degree, not art school! Now I have paid for two degrees, have a wonderful rewarding career in cancer research, actually MAKE MONEY, and still enjoy art on the side. If I had known this, I wouldn't have wasted my money on my first degree. Art/theater/design schools are a scam, because if you are talented you DON'T need them, and if you work in the sciences you will ALWAYS have money, and can be talented and either make money or not with your art. But at least you won't be a starving artist, you'll be a scientist with money and an artist. Poor kids going into art schools should be told this.

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