• It all depends on what type of magic and what the parents have to say. If it's the kind that magicians perform, I would see there would be no harm. But if it's the kind the is shown on Charmed, then I would have to say probley not. Also, make sure you consault with the parents and get their permission first because if the parents are religious (depending on the religion), then there answer will most likely be no.
  • I don't see the harm in it. If this makes a child feel better and takes his mind off of the illness and pain, why not. To a child, I think it's just a fun thing. They really aren't concerned with being bewitched.+5
  • I think the kids would be the perfect audience and have the perfect enthusiasm. How could it hurt unless you teach them a dangerous trick.
  • yes! magic makes me smile:) and it makes sick kids smile too so how could that be bad?
  • Why not? they are taught it in Sunday School, after all.
  • Doing anything for kids in a hospital is a stellar idea!
  • depends on what type of magic . magick can be a form of ones faith . ie; wicca , herbal healing , etc teaching kids a "religion" or part of one is touchy area . even i have to agree. i guess the parents would have to make the call.
  • That depends on what you define as magic. If you mean the kind of magician like David Copperfield, what a great idea. It will be something to help keep the child's mind off being sick, which as we all know is the ultimate anti-fun condition. Now there are children whose parents object to magic of any kind, and you will need to be careful when approaching them. If, however, you mean Wicca or that kind of thing, please remember that children aren't able to understand what they're doing and that can cause problems. Contrary to popular belief, Wicca is not satanic worship. Their religion is based on healing and finding the power to change the world for the better within yourself. There are those that use it as a shield to justify their evil, sadistic and occasionally satanic actions. These are NOT real Wiccans any more than an Al-Qaeda terrorist is a true follower of Islam. Remember that other religions have such people as well. If you are ever caught using black magic in Wicca, the other Wiccans shun you. They basically cut you off. The reason I know this is I have friends who are Wiccans (none of whom are black-magic users) and I've done extensive reading on my own.
  • if it takes their minds off other things and helps them to smile, then i think it's a great idea :)
  • Yes, it's a good idea to teach magic to the kids in the hospital since many kids have always found magic entertaining.
  • sounds good to me :) kids like magic ^^
  • If it is something like summoning powers/spirits, then maybe that might not be the best path. But "magic tricks" performed by magicians are fine... it is actually "illusion", not magic.

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