• Yes, for the most part they are spot on.
  • i do. alot of the times i go to new places where my friends are chillin at. i basically use it to point me to the general direction. but its really the brand, if you trust them, they shouldnt have too many road map glitches
  • Thats how I get around!
  • To get me where I'm going? Sure. Do I follow them blindly no matter what I can see clearly in front of me like the people below? No.
  • Appromimately. I regard them as a nice map but they don't always take certain things into account; the sort of things that only a local would know. Aurora is *not* the quickest route despite having the highest posted speed limit!
  • Very much. I couldn't live without mine
  • Haha I don't even know how to read a map anymore! XD

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