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  • Yeah!*+++++*
  • i am much less easily riled, to be sure
  • I still stir the coffee cup, but you are right. I try to avoid arguements, especially with those who haven't lived long enough to argue from experience. Peace is a good thing!
  • No, I don't try harder to avoid controversy. I just find less things controversial. I feel at greater liberty to "stir the pot" if I feel the contents are getting stagnant. Such is the joy of not caring what other's think of me. Being at peace with all people is great. Being at peace with yourself, even if you're not at peace will *all* people is even better.
  • I am a natural born shit stirrer...but never in a nasty way..I just like to look at the other side of a story...but if you mean arguing in a fighting way then yes...much prefer peace.
  • Hell No I like to stir the pot once in a while +5
  • I am 71 and if you read many of my answers you will see I try to gently stir the pot. Many do not understand or try to understand what I am saying or refuse to fully read my references. What I don't like to do is argue with anyone. I won't do it.
  • I totally agree with you Cotton 101. As I get older I try and avoid controversy at all cost because it serves no purpose other than to cause upset to yourself and others and in my opinion life is too short, being at peace with all people is such a nice way to try and live ones life.
  • I do find that to be true. I let a lot of things go now, that I wouldn't have when I was younger simply because I prefer peace; and because I don't like wasting time getting into arguments with the youngsters that, although they don't; think they know it all.
  • Yes. . . . .being in harmony with ALL living things on earth. . . . .is MUCH nicer!
  • I have never really been one to stir the pot, and even less so now. <PEACE>
  • I loved your question right up to the last 4 words. Please don't tell me what to do just because it works for you. (And I do happen to agree with you but hate being told how to act) Life IS simpler without a lot of pot stirring BUT that not to say the pot doesn't need stirred. I'm not going to let people take advantage of me just because I like a simple life. Quietness does not mean stupidity.
  • I do to a point. But as you get older, I think it's increasingly difficult to accept certain things that your experiences have taught you aren't right or the best thing to do. So I do speak up when I feel justified.
  • I guess I learned early in life how much damage your body can go through with strong emotions running through it. I don't really avoid controversy as much as learned how to control the output of my emotions, in the way I express myself. I however have learned to spot pigheadedness and I avoid those who tend to lose control of their emotions because I know nothing good will ever come from this behavior.
  • I will admit that i have mellowed out in my older age. This does not mean i will lay in the road and let someone run over me. I love peace, but at age 65, i will fight you to the end if i am right and you are wrong.
  • Yes, i guess I don't sweat the small stuff as much as before.
  • I have always tried hard to avoid any controversy or confrontation. Unfortunately there are few people who thrive on controversy such as the media. Yes, life would be simpler if there was peace and harmony with all people. Just not going to happen though.
  • Why would I do that? The only thing I've strived to change is my lack of patience...otherwise, I always say what I mean and mean what I say and if any of it is controversial well, so be it. I never intend to be mean or unkind or insulting but why should I treat people like eggshells that will break if I say the least little controversial thing? Not this gal! :) ((hugs))
  • I wish everyone thought this ex-in-laws are soooo childish, even with my children, they enjoy ignoring, stupid!!!!

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