• I live in Canada and if given the chance to live anywhere else I would have to say Mexico where the weather is hot year round.
  • Uk now, USA or Australia given the chance
  • Ohio now,ugh! But I'd love to move to Manhattan. Someday...!
  • Live in New york right now, but given the chance i would wanna be on a private island, far away from a country.
  • I'm in the fortunate position of having already done it. I moved from the UK to the Canary Islands 7 years ago. That was because I had the chance, I'm not in a position of having no concern for money, unfortunately.
  • I would move to Osaka, Japan, and I live in Seattle, Washingting, US.
  • Given the choice, Hawaii, Ireland, or New Zeland. Somewhere secluded and untamed. A private island of my own, I suppose, would suffice.
  • Texas, and Texas.
  • I live in Australia and wouldnt have it any other way
  • I live in North Carolina, USA. I absolutley hate it! If I could live anywhere I would either move to Australia, Ireland, or New Zealand. As long as it wasn't in the USA it would be great though. Or I could agree with William Laughlin, A nice, private island would be great. Just me, providing for myself, living off of the island, no people to bother with.
  • Buffalo,NY - Boston MA, or London England! Mostly London
  • Los Angeles now. . . I would live in England, if I had no concern for money as it is super expensive to live there. . . Or living in Seville, Spain would be fabulous as I would live out my fantasy as being a famous Flamenco dancer.
  • I live in Vegas now, but if money was no concern and I could move anywhere I wanted to, it would definitely be San Diego, CA. I took my son to "Sea World" there last year and it was the first time I had ever seen the beach. We were there about a week, so we took him to the beach to run around too. I think it was called "La Jolla Beach." When we drove around the corner to get to the beach, it was just like the whole world opened up all at once. I couldn't believe it. My son's mom had to tell me a couple of times to make sure I was watching him because I was just staring out at the beach just mesmerized. I definitely fell for that city during the time we were there. I was actually a little bummed when we finally had to leave. Even now I still think about San Diego. That city really left an impression on me. The beach is definitely something I could get used to. Even if I can't live right by one, just knowing I could go anytime I wanted to would be enough. If the chance ever presented itself to move there, I'm going and not thinking twice about it.
  • I'd move back to Tokyo. But I'd probably still finish school.
  • I'm in southern Louisiana. Though I'd rather be anywhere but here, I would definitely choose Hawaii were money no object.
  • I live in Northern AZ but would love to live in Hawaii if I had the money.
  • I live in Ireland i would love to live somewhere it that is doesnt rain most days!! Australia would be great

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