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  • I think it's all pretty gross and f**ked up, but I guess people cant change the way they get turned on...
  • I think it's sick, depraved, digusting and vile.
  • To each their own but not something Id be into or turned on by I want a man not a kid
  • I, myself, am an infantilist. I will say that our lifestyle/fetish, or whatever you want to refer to it as, is not messed up/screwed up/etc. So what do I think of this... I enjoy who I am, as this is who I am. As long as an infantilist is not harming another person or pushing their disposition on someone else forcefully who is anyone to judge? Infantilists include a lot of different type of enforcement, computer specialists, etc. A lot of times, yes, someone such as myself may not be able to "help who we are", but at the same time we tend to come to terms with who we are. I guess a better question would be: What would you do if your best friend said they were an Adult Baby and enjoyed being treated like a 1 year old? Point shouldn't assume or pass judgment. Yes to each their own, and yes not everyone will agree with this, but at the same time no these are not bad people or people that are "messed up in the head" or whatever one may think. Just a little nonsense ramble from an AB/DL :D

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