• go to a bank and ask for an application or apply for one in a department store and you'll get tons of applications in the mail .... but be careful and read terms very carefully
  • It's tricky, if you never had a credit card, and you don't have credit no one will give you a credit card, and to have credit you need a credit card, so for the first card it either needs to be secured, were you give them cash upfront, or be cosigned with someone who already has a credit, like a family member.
  • You could try to get a credit card from a credit union or bank you have an account in good standing with. Aside from that, there are plenty of secured cards out there. Bank of America has a 99/500 secured card that you can apply for if you've first been turned down from their other credit cards. You pay $99 and receive a $500 credit limit. There is an annual fee involved, but it's relatively reasonable. You could also try Capital One. There are cards out there for those who have a limited (or, to my understanding, nonexistent) credit history. Have you ever had a loan (student, auto, furniture, etc) in the past? If so, you should have a FICO score. If you want instant approval, there are many store cards without an annual fee that you could most likely qualify for. If you pay on time (in full, ideally), you would have a FICO score after about 6 months and would be able to apply for other unsecured credit cards. I would, however, suggest that you keep credit cards open as closing accounts can adversely affect your credit score. If they're charging an annual fee and the credit card company won't eliminate the fee or "upgrade" you to another card, I would close the credit card. The trade line will appear on your credit line for up to 10 years and still figures into your FICO score. The only difference is that you lower your available credit, which affects your utilization ration, which accounts for 30% of your FICO score. This is second only to payment history (late payments) which accounts for 35% of your FICO score. Best of luck!
  • Go to your bank & ask for an application & start there!
  • I'm new in USA. As soon as I have some money in my Bank account, while I'm using my debet card in a store, some offer me their store cards. After a while I maintain a good attitude and discipline suddenly all credit card issuers offer their cards. As long as you have good credit record. This redit card issuers have access to my credit record somehow. Now I have 2 credit cards.

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